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The overall wardrobe industry in China is brilliant and blooming. Through the wardrobe and products, you can see that the future development prospect of the wardrobe industry is very attractive. However, the low entry threshold of the wardrobe industry has attracted many "water testers", which directly leads to the increasingly fierce disordered competition of brands. The national wardrobe industry urgently needs to be free from chaos and requires the introduction of relevant standards. Wardrobe enterprises have called for the integration of China's wardrobe industry to become a top priority. Five trends in the development of the overall wardrobe industry in the future! The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

there are five major trends in the development of China's wardrobe industry in the future:

first, at present, European style wardrobes account for 61% of the market share in China's market, which indicates that enterprises will focus on making European products suitable for Chinese people in the future, whether it is simple European style or classical European style

second, affected by high housing prices, many people prefer to buy houses with small or moderate areas. More and more people begin to pay attention to how to store more items in limited space. Consumer demand is the driving force of enterprise production, which has also become the focus of enterprise production research and development

third, in the future, wardrobe products will introduce a large number of new materials and elements

fourth, because the overall wardrobe is not a high-end product, it is difficult to make a breakthrough in materials, technology and technology. The use of high technology and the development of new materials require enterprises to pay a high price, but consumers cannot be guaranteed to buy it. Therefore, more enterprises choose to refine their existing products and make them more humane. How to refine the solid wood wardrobe will become the focus of the enterprise in the future

fifth, the profit margin of the wardrobe industry is considerable. With the development and maturity of the wardrobe industry, more large enterprises began to cross into the wardrobe industry to grab market share. Therefore, the cross-border operation industry of the wardrobe industry will be extended in the future

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