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In the family, children are the focus of all members' attention, so when decorating and designing the children's room, we should grasp the two basic principles of comfort and safety. On the basis of grasping the basic principles, there can also be some decorative designs that highlight children's personality. 1. Choice of floor: because children's room is mainly children's activity place, the floor should be wear-resistant and durable. In order to achieve this decorative effect, in general, most people choose some

in the family, children are the focus of all members, so when decorating and designing the children's room, we should grasp the two basic principles of comfort and safety. On the basis of grasping the basic principles, there can also be some decorative designs that highlight children's personality. 1. Choice of floor

because the children's room is mainly the children's activity place, the floor should be wear-resistant and durable. In order to achieve this decorative effect, in general, most of them choose some practical and economical painted wooden floors

or elastic materials, such as cork floors, rubber floors, etc

the solid and elastic floor is suitable for many occasions. The wear-resistant and textured cork floor can make the soles of the feet feel comfortable, so these are very suitable for children's rooms. Cork material is cheap and easy to lay, but the color is a little monotonous, so it is best to lay some colored carpets on it to decorate. Rubber floor is also a kind of wear-resistant, soft, tough and easy to clean ground material. Its smooth and flat surface is convenient for children to walk and play on it, and it has a variety of colors, especially the bright colors that are most suitable for children's rooms. However, the laying of rubber floors requires professionals to operate

although the floor has the advantage of anti-wear, none of these floor materials can protect children who are prone to fall and injury like a soft carpet. Therefore, if you want to obtain higher safety, the best way is to lay a carpet on the solid, wear-resistant and elastic floor. Another thing to note is that if you want to lay carpets, it is recommended to lay carpets around the bed, under and around the table, because this can prevent children from falling to the ground and hurting children when they get on and off the bed, and also prevent things on the bed from breaking or cracking when they fall to the ground, thereby hurting children. If children especially like playing with building blocks or electric toys, don't lay carpets on a large area of the ground, and at least leave a place for children to play often

2. Selection of colors

the wall treatment of children's room should also fully reflect the characteristics of children. It is best to choose colorful wall paint. At present, many families use Dulux five in one, because it is very easy to scrub, so we might as well consider it when decorating. The background of the wall can use elegant and warm wallpaper or wallpaper, and the ceiling shape of the roof should be rich in changes, so that children can not only experience a vivid atmosphere, but also give full play to their imagination

children's room should be bright, relaxed and pleasant in color and space matching. You can use some contrast colors, such as orange and yellow, which can make people feel happy and harmonious, pink can make people feel quiet and peaceful, green is the closest to nature, sea blue can give people a sense of freedom and openness, and red and brown tones give people a sense of enthusiasm and fashion

according to scientific research, the colorful design of children's space is not only suitable for children's naive psychology, but also full of hope and vitality with bright colors, which are conducive to children's healthy growth. If the child's character is weak and introverted, his house should adopt strong colors, which can stimulate nerve development; If it is a child with some irritability, his room should use elegant colors, which helps to shape a healthy state of mind. However, when decorating the walls of children's rooms, do not use ferocious and grotesque images and dark colors, because these will have a negative impact on children

3. Choice of furniture

because children are in a period of lively and curious, once adults can't take care of them, accidents may happen. Therefore, parents should try to avoid all kinds of accidental injuries when designing children's rooms. For example, it is best to install guardrails on windows, and try to avoid the appearance of edges and corners for furniture. It is best to adopt circular arc edge trimming. Don't use large-area glass and mirrors in the room, and don't put too many sundries on the ground

the furniture in children's room is generally simple. When choosing furniture, it is best to choose the kind of furniture that can grow up with children. To achieve this effect, the simplest way is to buy an integral bed suitable for the combination of game and learning, as well as a closet and shelf. These things can change their functions as children grow and develop. When children are older, they can choose upper and lower beds. The high platform bed is also a very interesting design, because there will be more space under the bed, which can be used for reading or leisure. For some young children, you can consider choosing the upper and lower beds with L-shaped design

in addition, when choosing furniture, you should be far sighted. You might as well imagine the situation after your child grows up and leaves home, and think a little about the possible uses of furniture in the future. There are many children who like friends to stay at home. If there is not enough space in the room to put another bed down, you might consider choosing a single bed with an external towed mattress on the bottom floor. Such a bed can be easily put under the bed after the guests leave. In addition, you can also choose a sofa bed. As long as you spread it easily, it can become a bed. Another point needs to be paid special attention. Don't choose too high toy racks. The best height should be the height at which children can freely take and place toys, and they must be placed firmly to prevent accidents

4. Design of light source

children's room is suitable for mixed light source design. The main light sources in the room are preferably ceiling chandeliers and wall lamps, and regulators should be installed, because this can help children gradually adapt to the darkness, facilitate them to fall asleep quickly, and even be used as night lights. In the room of younger children, it is best to match the high hanging chandelier with an imaginative lampshade, which can be matched with movable pendants or small fluffy toys. In addition, luminous wallpaper can also be used in children's rooms. When the light goes out and the room darkens, it will add a lot of entertainment effects to children. If you consider that children have to do homework and other things, you can choose a desk lamp with bright color and light. It is very suitable to put it on the desk or bedside table. For the sake of safety, the best power design in the children's room is to choose the socket with socket cover, which can prevent children's fingers from inserting into the socket and causing danger

5. Furnishings of the room

some furnishings in the children's room should be highly interesting. Here, you can do whatever you want and immerse yourself in imagination, and the resulting design will become not excessive and absurd. Children can also get great fun and inspiration in the room decorated with imagination and creativity

because children and adults prefer some colors, they can choose plain and simple striped or checkered fabrics to make bedspreads when decorating, and then use colorful cushions, pillows and toys to match and decorate. Pillows and cushion coats can be prepared in various colors, as long as pillowcases and cushions of different colors are changed in different seasons. The color of the curtain can choose light colors or fabrics with some cartoon patterns, and the material should not be too thick, because in spring and summer, when the sun is strong during the day, children can also play in rooms with soft light when the curtain is closed

toys, decorations and pictures with colorful, vivid and interesting shapes should be selected in the children's room, which can induce children's imagination. Adults should also deliberately place and hang some handmade works made by children themselves, such as paperwork, pictures, etc., in order to cultivate and encourage children's creativity

6. Storage of items

the design of children's room is basically completed. Finally, attention should be paid to keeping the room neat and clean to save space. Therefore, children must be taught to often remove the sundries in the room and make the stored items easy to store. This requires that the clothes hooks customized by adults should be of appropriate height, so as to facilitate children to put clothes, hats, scarves and other things

at the same time, parents should also consider the best storage methods for their children, such as using the embedded drawers under the bed to store items. These drawers are usually relatively large, and toys and clothes can be stored in them. In addition, you can also use the seat that can store things. It has a large toy box made of pine, on which parents can paint and print some beautiful colors and patterns

the layout of children's room aims to cultivate children's growth and development, so it is necessary to arrange a comfortable and beautiful living place for children, so that they can experience family affection and enjoy childhood, and in this environment, they can also inspire wisdom and learn to take care of themselves




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