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Mechanical installation and maintenance of oil pump installation instructions for oil pump:

1. The quality of the pump installation has a very important impact on the smooth operation and service life of the pump, so the installation and calibration must be carried out carefully and not rashly

2. The installation height, length and pipe diameter of the pump suction pipe shall meet the calculated values, and strive to be brief to reduce unnecessary losses (such as elbows); And ensure that the allowable NPSH is not exceeded when the pump is working

39. The shell of the testing machine must be safely grounded, and the suction and discharge pipelines should have supports. The pump is not allowed to bear the load of the pipeline after the dispensing of Jinan experimental machine

4. The place where the pump is installed shall be spacious enough to facilitate maintenance

installation sequence:

1. Place the unit in ① The displacement shall be cleared and the foundation with anchor bolts shall be buried. A pair of wedge pads shall be used for correction between the base and the foundation

2. Loosen the coupling, place the level on the pump shaft and the base respectively, adjust the wedge pad to correct the unit level, and properly tighten the anchor bolts to prevent moving

and set up utilization technology research centers and industrialization centers in Shanghai and Huaibei

3. Correct the concentricity of pump shaft and motor shaft. The allowable deviation is 0.1mm on the outer circle of coupling road; The clearance between the two coupling planes shall be 2 ~ 4mm (the smaller value shall be taken for the small pump). The clearance shall be uniform with a tolerance of 0.3mm

4. After connecting the pipeline and determining the rotation direction of the motor, connect the coupling and check the concentricity of the shaft again

5. After the actual test run of the unit for 2 ~ 3 hours, the final inspection shall be carried out. If there is no adverse phenomenon, the installation is considered to be qualified. During the test run, check the temperature and vibration of the bearing as follows:

6. In order to prevent sundries from falling into the machine during installation, all holes of the unit should be covered

7. In order to prevent sundries in the pipeline from entering the pump, a filter shall be installed in the pump rubber for the newly installed pipeline, and its effective section shall be 2 ~ 3 times greater than that of the suction pipe

pay attention to the following aspects in the maintenance of oil pump:

1 Water will corrode the oil pump, so it is forbidden to use the oil pump for vacuumizing substances containing water. Please go to room 1210 to use the water pump for vacuumizing

2. For substances containing a large amount of solvent, please remove most of the solvent in the oven first, and then use the oil pump to vacuum

3. Use the vacuum pump in the correct order to prevent reverse suction

4. After using the vacuum oven, be sure to clean the glass window of the vacuum oven

5. Wipe off the antirust oil on the surface

6. Remove the antirust oil from the governor cavity and the injection pump cavity, and add the specified brand of lubricating oil

7. The antirust oil in the fuel pipe shall also be removed before use. Connect the fuel into the fuel injection pump pipe, and continuously rotate the camshaft of the fuel injection pump until clean fuel is sprayed from the tight seat of the oil outlet valve

8. Reasonable fuel selection

9. The fuel with the appropriate grade must be used. Generally, 0 diesel oil is used in summer and -10 light diesel oil is used in winter

10. The fuel used must be clean and free of any impurities and moisture

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