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Medium and long term development plan of automobile industry: how to develop automobile and parts enterprises in a coordinated way

China's automobile industry is large but not strong. One of the core problems is that the independent parts are not strong. In recent years, this view has become an industry consensus. "If the parts are not strong, the whole vehicle is not strong, so it is difficult to promote the realization of a powerful automobile country." Yeshengji, Deputy Secretary General of China Automobile Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "China Automobile Association"), said in an interview

at present, the auto parts industry is facing unprecedented development opportunities and great challenges. How to build a strong independent auto parts system as soon as possible is a top priority. Based on the current situation, in the medium and long term development plan for the automotive industry (hereinafter referred to as the "plan") recently issued, it is once again emphasized that "the foundation of safe and controllable automotive parts should be consolidated, advanced manufacturing equipment should be vigorously developed, and the collaborative integration capability of the whole industrial chain should be improved." In view of how to create a healthy integration and zero relationship in the automotive industry and how to promote the coordinated development of vehicle and component enterprises, lishengqi, Secretary General of the gear transmission industry branch of the China Europe Association and the China automotive automatic transmission innovation alliance, told us that we must build a new strategic partnership of equality, mutual benefit, win-win cooperation and collaborative innovation between independent vehicle and component enterprises, so as to help China's auto power realize as soon as possible

■ the whole zero relationship hinders the development of parts and components

some data show that the relationship between China's complete vehicle enterprises and supporting suppliers is very complex and unequal. Complete vehicle enterprises are usually in an absolute core dominant position, and most supporting enterprises are in a dependent and subordinate position. "There are certain historical reasons for the embarrassing situation of the zero adjustment relationship in the automotive industry." Yanjianlai, Deputy Secretary General of China Society of automotive engineering, said in an interview. In the planned economy era, China's auto parts enterprises and vehicle enterprises are subordinate to each other, forming the absolute domination and dominance of vehicle enterprises. After the reform and opening up, with the rapid and vigorous development of private enterprises, a large number of small and medium-sized independent auto parts enterprises have emerged. However, the current situation of vehicle enterprises "committed to maintaining the leading position" has not been improved, and the parts enterprises are still at a disadvantage in the cooperation

in Li Shengqi's opinion, the current zero adjustment relationship in China is a typical price oriented relationship. As the demand side of the industrial chain, vehicle enterprises pay more attention to the price of products rather than the value, which leads to the homogenization of competition among parts enterprises and makes it difficult to achieve positive innovation in the industry. "Pure price competition has led to the declining profits of parts enterprises." Li Shengqi said, "in such a cooperative environment, auto parts enterprises lack the right to independent development, and it is difficult to guarantee the investment in R & D, let alone the advanced layout of products and technology."

in view of the current development status of China's independent parts enterprises, ye Shengji pointed out that, in fact, the current independent brand parts enterprises are not necessarily weaker than foreign parts products in terms of product quality, reliability and performance, and the difference may be more in brand influence. In order to further expand the brand influence of independent parts enterprises and form a group of well-known parts enterprises with foundation and strength, the most important thing is to carry out cooperation and common progress between vehicle enterprises and parts enterprises

■ building a new type of zero integration cooperation relationship

when talking about promoting the coordinated and efficient development of the whole industry chain, the plan proposed to "explore and optimize the cost sharing and benefit sharing cooperation mechanism of industrial technology innovation alliance", and encouraged "the backbone automobile enterprises and advantageous parts enterprises to cooperate in depth in R & D, procurement and other aspects, and establish a safe and controllable key parts supporting system"

however, in the automotive industry, the discussion on the zero adjustment relationship has never stopped. However, no matter how many times it is discussed, it seems that it is still difficult to change the current situation that vehicle enterprises and parts enterprises are alone. The plan once again emphasizes the coordinated development of integration and zeroing, and how to implement it is the key. In this regard, lishengqi put forward two suggestions

first of all, the whole automobile industry should reverse the current business and cooperation concept, drive the parts enterprises to change from price competition to value competition, from product competition to brand competition, from quantity to quality, and promote the realization of the industry from manufacturing to creation. "With the rapid development of electronic technology and computer technology, autonomous vehicle enterprises are a community of interests. Under the background of increasingly fierce competition in the automotive market, they must abide by the enterprise spirit and establish a healthy and sound strategic partnership." Li Shengqi said

secondly, lishengqi stressed that the vehicle enterprises and parts enterprises should achieve four synergies, namely, mission synergy, vision synergy, values synergy and strategic synergy, which is the basis and important support for improving the integration relationship of independent vehicles in China

in fact, at present, China's automobile zero adjustment relationship is gradually improving, and the parts industry has made great progress, but it is still far from the ideal state. Yan jianlai believes that the parts enterprises should be ahead of schedule, synchronize with the vehicle enterprises in terms of product R & D and technology, and even play a guiding and leading role. Bosch is a model in this regard

■ the government, industry, University, research and Application Society promotes it together

in the process of improving the zero adjustment relationship in the automotive industry, the industry has been calling for joint promotion from various parties. Lishengqi stressed that "politics, industry, learning, research, application and society" should not be absent. Among them, "society" represents industry associations and other relevant institutions

in Li Shengqi's view, the coordinated development of upstream and downstream of the industrial chain should not only exist among enterprises, but also the need for in-depth cooperation among industry associations. For example, China Automotive Industry Association, China internal combustion engine industry association and gear transmission industry branch of China Europe Association can form a fusion and interactive exchange and communication mechanism to promote the healthy development of the zero adjustment relationship in the automotive industry

in terms of relevant government departments, the plan also mentions the direction of efforts: "promote and improve the selection orientation of national science and technology plan (special projects, funds, etc.), establish the industrialization of key parts and components and the assessment indicators of 'vehicle parts' supporting projects, and encourage the coordinated development of vehicle and parts enterprises."

however, in addition to external promotion, Yan jianlai stressed that the endogenous cooperation needs and willingness of enterprises are also extremely important. With the backward homogenization of automobile film and the increasingly fierce competition in the cutting film market, the vehicle enterprises have higher and higher requirements for product quality and quality, which naturally puts forward higher requirements for parts suppliers. They have to abandon the wrong understanding that price is the first, so as to actively support the auto parts enterprises with leading technology, advanced concept and innovation as the main driving force in the industry to become bigger and stronger

it is gratifying that in China's automobile industry, some complete vehicle and parts enterprises have developed a cooperation mode of joint development and achievement sharing from the R & D side, and have achieved some results. For example, the project of "R & D and industrialization of front-end 8-speed automatic transmission (8at)" which won the first prize of the national science and technology progress award is the fruitful result of the cooperation between the complete vehicle enterprise Jiangling Automobile and the component enterprise Shengrui transmission in the field of automobile core technology

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