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Sculpteo now introduces one of the "G20" Summit: metcom "veterans" of PEBA front-line construction sites

metcom "veterans" of "G20" summit front-line construction sites

China Construction Machinery Information This sentence refers to the large-scale renovation of Hangzhou Airport Expressway by several ten-year "veterans" of MEITONG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. to meet the G20 summit

Meitong "veterans" on the front-line construction site of the "G20" summit

Meitong "veterans" on the front-line construction site of the "G20" summit

Meitong has always taken the quality of products as the focus of enterprise development and promoted the quality of products to a higher strategic level. To this end, Meitong has been paying close attention to basic skills and putting efforts into practice

the asphalt distributor of Meitong construction machine is a new intelligent asphalt distributor jointly developed by foreign advanced technology and high-level universities such as Chang'an University and Zhejiang University. The asphalt tank of this type of asphalt distributor adopts stainless steel outer coating. The spray atomization is uniform. Before the test, the friction times required by the test specifications or determined by the operator are output to control the smoothness of the fragmented pipes. It is easy to clean. It has the function of heat preservation and heating, easy to operate, humanized design and so on. Important parts are imported with original packaging, and the technology is advanced and reliable

Meitong construction machine is resistant to moth; Wood flour for wood plastic has always adhered to the principle of serving customers with first-class service speed, first-class service attitude and first-class service skills. 100% customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal

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