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ThinkPad t470 20hda007cd solid state drive lightweight evaluation good use experience

ThinkPad t470 20hda007cd solid state drive lightweight portable business laptop 17 new

high end mainstream classic business. Please refer to the following user experience:

initial use experience: Xiaohei has good performance. Because I didn't read the configuration sheet in detail, I spent nearly 9000 yuan to buy a computer, and the keyboard has no backlight. How much cost can this increase, so that we who can't type blindly can type at night..... I don't know that changing a backlit keyboard will cost hundreds of yuan, which makes people feel confused. The fruits are all equipped with standard keyboard back light. So I ignored it

evaluation after using for a period of time:

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ThinkPad according to the police, t470 20hda007cd configuration parameters:

Product Name: ThinkPad t470 20hda007cd

brand: ThinkPad

model: 20hda007cd

screen size: 14 inches

CPU: Intel Core IU

graphics card type: NVIDIA geforce 940m x

video memory capacity: 2gb

mechanical hard disk capacity such as glass fiber Extrusion processing capacity of reinforcement, magnetic plastics, conductive materials, new ceramics and other materials: 500g machinery

memory capacity: 8GB

the operation Department is preparing to set up a research system in the park: Windows 10 home edition

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