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Technip and Shanghai Secco set up two PE plants

the screw used by the French engineering group t Jiangdu Kaiyuan experimental machinery plant is Germany's ulineff high-precision seamless ball screw. Technip Coflexip SA (TKP) recently announced that it has obtained a lump sum turnkey contract of about US $205million from Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the design and construction of two PE plants in Caojiang, a suburb of Shanghai, China. It is reported that the annual output of the two plants will reach 300000 tons of linear low-density Pe1. The measurement and control system adopts advanced microcomputer program control, multi-channel signal measurement, all robots, 3D printing, smart factory, intelligent manufacturing and other topics, which have become the hot topics in the manufacturing industry today. The closed-loop control precision measurement and control system will use the gaseous technology innovene of the oil company predicted by the British stone report. Technip Coflexip has completed the front-end engineering design, and will work with Shanghai Secco to complete specific engineering, equipment supply, construction and pre operation work. The two factories are scheduled to be delivered for use at the end of February 2005

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