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Technical products and printing

1. Agfa in short, the worm, worm gear and force measuring piston rotate. Apogee Agfa developed the first high-end prepress production system based on PDF. Apogee can fully integrate PDF into the workflow and bring great changes to printers

2. Smaba screen Barco's special dot technology for flexographic printing combines the advantages of traditional dot and random dot, and effectively avoids their respective adverse factors, which can bring greater benefits to flexographic printing manufacturers

3. Intergrated ladble technology is a new technology developed by Croda A3 rib steel with high strength dhesives company, which enables Geely to print pressure-sensitive internal labels with wide or narrow width printers. Combined with this label technology, printers can produce high-quality and low-cost labels faster

4. Cocure process is a new drying technology developed by Grafix company in North America. Using this technology can make the work that previously required a double-layer coater and UV drying equipment, and now online to form a wear-resistant and smooth surface

5. Poplar compute with cip3workflow Heidelberg's pop com pucut cutting system adopts CIP3 workflow and connects the high-speed and best workflow with all prepress workstations

6. The Sunday 4000 press with auto plate is a Sunday offset rotary machine developed by Heidelberg's rotary offset machine department. Its core is non intermittent blanket cylinder, shaftless drive and needle free folding

7. The software package developed by markzscout markz Wara software company can automatically convert local documents, analyze document types, characteristics and contents, and generate technical process documents from general application software in the prepress system, thus saving a lot of time

8. LaserStar, developed by Max daetwyier company, is the first engraving process system that successfully uses laser technology to engrave gravure cylinder

9. Light phase is a professional digital photography technology developed by phase one company. Its imaging system has high quality, high speed and multi-function performance

10. Color control system the scanning software system developed by QTI company can reduce the interference of human factors in color measurement, and has the functions of automatic search, positioning, tracking small color blocks, etc., which can provide color density information to the operator

11. Micrm press cluster pri1. Name: microcomputer controlled electro-hydraulic servo horizontal tensile testing machine tingsystem, a printing system developed by t/r system company for the on-demand printing market, can provide a cheap and powerful solution for on-demand printing and fast printing

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