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Tektronix launched the first desktop DC power supply series for China editor's note: Tektronix launched the first desktop DC power supply series for China. The latest pws2000-sc series can accurately output clean and stable DC power. It is flexible in control and easy to use. It is suitable for various application environments

Beijing, China, January 11, 2010 - the world's leading supplier of testing, measuring and monitoring instruments - tech company recently announced that it will launch the first DC power pws2000-sc simplified Chinese series for China to support Chinese embedded system design engineers and educators to realize various applications. Pws2000-sc series can output DC power supply that accurately matches various voltage and current settings, and has user-defined output control mode, which is easy to use and affordable. Each model is equipped with a three-year warranty as standard to ensure customers' investment

embedded system design is becoming more and more complex. Engineers need accurate and flexible instruments to power complex embedded electronic devices and components. In addition, educators in Colleges of higher technology need a basic, reliable, easy-to-use DC power supply to complete various laboratory experiments within a limited budget. Pws2000-sc series is an ideal tool to meet the different needs of our customers

the four models of pws2000-sc series can generate clean and stable DC, providing 10 Ma and 10 MV programming resolution, 0.05% voltage accuracy and a variety of voltage (up to 72V) and current (up to 6a) settings. In addition, pws2000-sc series is simple and easy to use, and it adopts the familiar operation mode of Tektronix instrument to put it another way; There are up to 16 special buttons for setting memory. The numeric keypad used for direct input is very intuitive, which can quickly and accurately select voltage and current; The bright vacuum fluorescent display has a large font size, which can ensure that users can see the screen clearly in the distance, oblique 4, loading speed angle or poor light according to the experimental requirements

"the new pws2000-sc series DC power supply provides our customers with the most needed leading functions. At the same time, it has excellent performance and Tektronix's quality assurance, and the price is very attractive." James Alderton, the Asia Pacific Marketing Director of Tektronix, said, "the launch of this series has further expanded and enriched the Tektronix desktop instrument product series, enabling us to meet the increasing demand of China's embedded industry."

pws2000-sc series can be connected and combined with other Tektronix desktop instruments, including oscilloscope, signal generator and the latest digital multimeter, so as to realize associated measurement. In addition, like other desktop instrument series, this series is also equipped with a three-year warranty as standard

supply condition

pws2000-sc series DC power supply began to accept orders from January 11, 2010

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Tektronix is a leading provider of testing, measurement and monitoring products, which provides a variety of measurement solutions and services for the global communications, computer and semiconductor industries, as well as military/aerospace, consumer electronics, education and other industries. Tektronix has more than 60 years of experience in mastertop 1327 ⑵ 0dB, a complete system, to help users design, build, configure and manage the next generation of global communication networks, computing technology and advanced technology. Tektronix is headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, and has offices in 19 countries and regions around the world. The Chinese address of tech company is

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