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How about teclast/Taiwan X3 plus two in one tablet? How about the experience evaluation

teclast/Taiwan X3 plus two in one tablet? First use experience: the tablet is very satisfied, the running speed is very fast, faster than I expected, the shape is very good, the magnetic keyboard is also very easy to install, it's good to absorb, and it's also very solid. It's just like a notebook. It's simple and convenient for children to draw on it, and there's no need to buy a drawing board! Don't say, just go to the above figure. Satisfied with

use for a period of time evaluation:

please click to enter to check whether it has fast running speed, see detailed evaluation comments, product parameters:

certificate number: 2. The sealing ring or combination gasket should be replaced in time; Regularly replace the oil suction filter and filter element

certificate status: valid

Applicant Name: Guangzhou Commercial Information Technology Co., Ltd. F. the system is completely willing to work with the Chinese side on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit. The file operation function is used for the storage of experimental curves and experimental data; At the same time limited company

manufacturer name: Guangzhou Commercial Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Name: tablet computer (data terminal)

3c product model: tbook 10, tbook 11, tbook 16, tbook 12, X3 pro, X80 pro

3c specification and model: see the attachment (sales without power adapter)

Product Name: teclast/Taidian x3 plus

number of cores: four cores

brand: teclast/Taidian

model: x3 plus

screen size: 11.6 inches

storage capacity: 64gb

operating system: Windows 10

touch screen type: capacitive screen

memory capacity: 6gb

manufacturer: Intel

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