Hottest Telecom 2013 pushes power line to network

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Telecom 2013 promotes power line to line smart home accessories

according to people familiar with the matter, Chinatelecom is expected to introduce accessories that can convert home power lines into wires in the next year, including extrusion molding, injection molding, blow molding, compression molding, calendering molding, casting molding and foaming molding, for IPTV and smart home users. At that time, the power line network in the user's home can be instantly transformed into a home network through small conversion head accessories

home power line convertible line

in fact, at present, many families do not necessarily have wired interfaces in every room. When installing broadband, many families often need to lead another long line to other rooms, or use routers to transmit the network to other bedrooms in the form of WiFi. However, even in a small room, if the layout of the room is slightly complex, it is easy to affect the transmission quality of WiFi

now, a technology that can instantly turn wires into wires at home has begun to become a reality. Last week, the author saw this product. The product is like a small transformer. The five factors that affect the overall performance of the electronic tensile testing machine are quite small. There is a line interface and power plug on it, said Xiao Yaqing. If the user uses it to connect a wire into the device after the home is turned off, and then plug it into the home power socket, and plug this device into another place where there is a power interface. If you connect the wire, you can connect it directly through it, or connect this wire to the router for use

Chinatelecom has completed two rounds of tests this year

according to the author, the first behind the realization of this instant transformation of the wire is the international standard formulated by ITU-T organization for establishing a home network based on any wired media, which enables service providers to use existing cables to transmit high-definition video, and the data transmission rate can be as high as 1gb/s with a delay of 1ms. In addition, this standard can work through any cable, including power line, coaxial cable and cable, which is the reason for realizing the scenario above

it is reported that the standards and related products have been studied and have begun to attract the attention of domestic telecom operators. Chinatelecom has already done two rounds of tests this year. Field tests may also be conducted in the first quarter of next year. Products using technology will be sold in large quantities from March to June next year

it is expected to be listed in the middle of next year.

according to insiders, Telecom will probably make the adapter with power line change function officially appear in the consumer market as an accessory of IPTV, smart home and other products in the middle of next year. In this way, we hope to solve the problem of speed instability caused by the limited ability of WiFi signal to penetrate the wall, which is easy for indoor users to encounter when enjoying HD video, and can easily complete the network wiring problem in smart homes

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