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Technological innovation drives intelligent applications - 2010 Advantech technology application innovation forum is about to open

Advantech, as the founder of IPC industry, has been successfully applied for 26 years and has accumulated rich application experience in industrial automation and other fields. In the past, with the technological innovation and application ability of IPC industry, we have constantly explored new industrial application modes. With the rapid development of science and technology and the acceleration of industry market informatization, Advantech has always adhered to the concept of "trusted partner of industrial platform", constantly breaking through technical barriers, developing all-round intelligent applications of industrial computers, and driving the "intelligent era" with industrial partners

as the 2010 Advantech technology theme activity - 2010 Advantech solution forum, with the comprehensive theme of technological innovation driving intelligent applications, industry leaders including IBM will be invited to discuss industry trends and emerging business opportunities in the form of keynote speeches. In addition, the innovation and application sub forum will open topics such as smart factory, smart transportation, smart life, etc, Invite Advantech's crucial industry partners to share the latest application experience

at a time when China and the world economy are facing great challenges, the implementation of the industrial revitalization plan and the trend of the integration of industrialization and informatization provide a broad platform for the application of scientific and technological innovation. The 2010 Advantech Technology Application Innovation Forum (such as the 2010 advantage 4CH solution Forum) hopes to use the forum to establish a platform for industrial and technological exchanges, break regional boundaries, and promote the coordinated development of technological innovation and intelligent applications. The forum will cover eight cities in North China, East China, Southwest China and Northwest China and face six target application markets, including industrial automation control (fa/ma), power energy, railway and urban rail transit (Transportation), on-board computer and fleet management (IMC), intelligent building and energy-saving control (building automation) and digital medical (medical)

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since its establishment in 1983, Advantech has been a global leader in providing ePlatform Services, working closely with system integrators to provide a wide range of applications and perfect solutions. Advantech is also a premier member of the Intel embedded Communications Alliance. Through close cooperation with our solution partners, we can provide complete solutions for various industrial applications. Advantech's products and solutions cover three areas: embedded ePlatform organization, eServices Applied Computing Group and industrial automation group. Advantech has more than 3600 full-time employees and has formed an extensive technical support and marketing network between 18 countries and 39 major cities. Therefore, it can provide rapid listing services for customers whose global ge9x fuel consumption can be reduced by more than 10% of the name, specification, model and quantity of main equipment (production line)

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