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Tata power company launched a customer support chat robot in Mumbai, translated by Lao Qin ye (CTI Forum) on May 12 (compiled/Lao Qin): India's comprehensive internal experiments can improve the quality of process control. Tata power company announced the launch of chat robots to strengthen customer service

chatbot will allow customers to get their queries through chat with Tata power mobile app, Tata power customer portal and Tata power Facebook messenger

with this solution, Tata power expects to reduce the response time to customer queries, control it within a few seconds, and provide users with round the clock services

customers will enjoy the self-service experience of advanced inquiry

when talking with robots, they will get a personalized experience without calling the call center

at present, chat robots are configured to answer the highest level of queries. The company plans to provide all customers with complaints and consulting services using chat robots

as, the chief operating officer and executive director of Tata power UK fixtures and other companies that meet the standards of many countries, also made the sample slip during the experiment. Hok Sethi said: We Tata power company has been trying to bring the best products to customers. With the promotion of chat robots and the formulation of the energy and environment development strategy, we have taken another big step forward to make our services closer to customers. Consumers can access chat robots from stations, apps and social media. We have been trying to provide the best services to consumers with digital platforms

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