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Tektronix will release the waveform monitor series on nab

Beijing, China. On April 12, 2010, Tektronix, a market leader in broadcast video testing, monitoring and analysis solutions, announced that it will launch a series of new enhanced functions for its entire waveform monitor product and will display them during the 2010 Annual Conference of the National Association of broadcasters (NAB) from April 12 to 15. Booth n2522

Tektronix will use this conference to display the recently released wfm8200 and wfm8300 and the new wvr8200 and wvr8300 waveform monitors. These test instruments can provide high-quality, real-time automatic 3g-sdi eye diagram display and jitter measurement functions, so as to help radio and television owners and network operators conveniently monitor and diagnose problems in signals. The new WVR monitor has similar functions to the corresponding WFM waveform monitor. It is designed for the use of external displays and provides enhanced remote monitoring and control functions

a key topic of NAB exhibition this year is how the development of HD TV drives higher resolution video formats in content creation and content dissemination. In order to provide high-resolution video format, radio and television owners adopt 3gb/s single link SDI transmission (Class A or b) to switch to 1080p (50Hz or 59.94hz) format. However, because the transmission bit rate of 3g-sdi is too high, they are facing the challenge of new physical layer signal quality testing and measurement, which promotes the strong demand for 3g-sdi high-performance instruments. To this end, tech will continue to support 3g-sdi eye measurement and provide corresponding products to meet the urgent needs of the industry

there is no better opportunity than nab to exhibit the industry-leading baseband monitor series products of Tektronix. During the meeting, we not only showed the excellent performance of the products, but also treated the construction waste into new building materials and provided product quotations to fully meet the needs of customers for various applications, said Ian Valentine, director of baseband video products of Tektronix, While providing the industry-leading 3g-sdi function, we will also upgrade the high-performance waveform monitor of Tektronix. We will continue to improve and update the whole family of products

provide industry-leading 3g-sdi support

wvr8200 and wvr8300 are specially designed to help engineers and technicians in the radio and television industry complete equipment debugging in a more time-saving and labor-saving manner. They can more effectively detect the deterioration of system quality and avoid the reduction of advertising revenue and the reduction of the number of users before they evolve into quality problems. Wvr8200 and wvr8300 have the most perfect physical layer measurement functions in the industry, including automatic eye pattern parameter measurement and jitter measurement of 3g-sdi signal, as well as jitter waveform display and cable length measurement of Tech. In addition, the alarm information provided by them can help users identify and diagnose the quality problems of video and audio content and the ancillary data (vanc) problems during field blanking

in these new waveform monitors, we also integrate the patented display series tools of Tektronix, which are necessary for color correction and content in post production. Among these tools, the brightness qualified vector (LQV) patented display enables users to selectively determine the brightness amplitude range in the vector display, so as to distinguish color components according to the brightness amplitude in the vector display. In this way, artists can recognize color components in multiple LQV displays according to shadows, mid tones, and highlights. Another patented display tool, spearhead display, provides a new tool for color classification. Artists can observe video content in the space of lightness, value and saturation, so as to accurately adjust the color, so that the artistic effect of the adjusted content is more vivid, vivid and lifelike, and colleagues maintain the conformity of color gamut, To prevent the loss and distortion of the color fidelity of the content in the subsequent workflow

as part of Tektronix's continuous efforts to protect the interests of existing customers and enable them to enjoy the latest technical features and measurement functions, we are pleased to also provide the following products with enhanced functions wfm5000 portable waveform monitor and wvr5000 (half rack width) monitor, which can be upgraded for free to obtain a new quarter screen display, so that users can more flexibly customize the measurement display for some specific applications. In addition, for the mainstream products in the industry, namely wfm6000/7000 and wvr6000/7000 series, the newly released firmware adds audio loudness monitoring and measurement functions, so that these users can follow the latest version of ITU-R BS ◆ 2 Starch based plastics/1771 specification and the new ATSC a/85 Recommended Practice (see the relevant draft)

about Tektronix waveform monitor

Tektronix waveform monitor has excellent video monitoring and analysis functions, which can meet the needs of content creation, content distribution, research and development of new products, and production and manufacturing applications. These products can help video content producers verify content quality and make precise content adjustments. In the video distribution system, using the monitor products of Tektronix can help operators verify the quality of content, enhance the reliability of the system, and help engineers and technicians inspect, install and maintain the video system. In the process of developing new video equipment, engineers and technicians engaged in product design and production can help them find errors in design, functional verification and production testing by using the waveform monitor of Tektronix

Tektronix's waveform monitor also provides the most complete audio monitoring and audio display functions, ranging from analog audio to Dolby e digital audio, including vanc Dolby metadata monitoring according to SMPTE 2020, Dolby e protective belt monitoring according to ITU-R bs/1771 specification for audio loudness monitoring

time to market

wvr8200 and wvr8300 can be ordered in June 2010

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about Tektronix

for more than 60 years, engineers have been looking for testing, measurement and monitoring solutions from Tektronix to meet design challenges, improve production efficiency and significantly shorten the time to market. Tektronix is a leading supplier of testing instruments, providing support to engineers who focus on electronic design, manufacturing and advanced technology development. Headquartered in Beaverton, Oregon, the United States, tech provides award-winning services and support to customers worldwide. To obtain cutting-edge technology, please visit www.t. nowadays, Stora Enso saves more than 1.5% of the raw materials needed to make a milk box compared with the 1970s

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