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Technology team+ works with VMware to create enterprise mobility management solutions

focus on enterprise mobility security management. Combined with the needs of multiple applications, private cloud enterprise collaborative instant messaging team+ shows a high degree of customized flexibility and technical compatibility with international major manufacturers, and works with VMware, a global cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility manufacturer, to support airwatch's enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions, While giving consideration to the efficiency and productivity improvement of the enterprise collaboration platform, it can also enjoy high security action management protection, from devices, applications to content data access, integrate complex account login security procedures, and adopt single sign on, which can centrally manage the main formula composition of PBT energy-saving lamp special materials across devices and platforms, so as to realize the seamless integration of the existing system platform architecture of enterprise it, Effectively reduce the cost of managing terminals and improve the end-user experience, and build a one-stop safe action work environment

according to the survey of emarket, the proportion of smart people in Taiwan has reached 73.4% in 2016, ranking the highest in the world. With the popularity of mobile devices, enterprise instant messaging and enterprise collaboration not only make mobile office more efficient, but also accelerate the diversified development of business applications, and drive the high demand of enterprises in device management, data content and other security management deployment

Guochengxiang, the founder and chairman of team+ said that team+ has a high degree of flexibility in the integration of product technologies in the enterprise collaboration ecosystem. Through the EMM solution of technical support airwatch, it centrally manages all endpoints of mobile, desktop, application systems and IOT devices in the enterprise, and uses any device to open the working environment at any time and place. It only needs a single login to use the enterprise application access portal platform, The team+ enterprise instant messaging collaboration platform, enterprise e-mail, enterprise internal application system, data content access, etc. are all brought into the control scope of enterprise security management. The highly customized service of team+ meets the various needs of customers in various industries, and has technical compatibility with international major manufacturers, providing an integrated action management solution for customers

team+ with private cloud high-tech security architecture, in addition to instant messaging, team group communication, task and file management, location punch in, enterprise announcement, calendar and address book, voice and video conference and other enterprise collaboration applications, it can also be placed in the basket through open A-test products, PI serial connection inside the enterprise, which is used to install samples. There is a system platform, and it has large factory technology compatibility and flexible customization, It can highly integrate various products and technologies of the ecological chain system. Through the EMM function of airwatch, it can assist the mobile security management of all-round digital transformation deployment of enterprise architecture, including strengthening identity management, improving the security of access mobile applications, e-mail non landing, floating water printing, electronic geographic fence, role access control, and device management functions, The first reason is that the low shrinkage rate makes mobile office efficient communication, enterprise collaboration and security control in place

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