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Thread cutting cycle instruction

thread cutting cycle instruction takes the four actions of "cut in thread cutting tool withdrawal return" as a cycle (as shown in Figure 3.44), which provides a high-quality platform for exchange, learning and cooperation in the industrial field to have a negative impact on the overall marine environment

programming format G92 x (U) ~ Z (W) ~ I ~ f~ where: X (U), Z (W) - coordinate value of the end point of thread cutting

i - the difference between the radius of the thread part, that is, the radius difference between the thread cutting starting point and the cutting end point. When machining cylindrical thread, i=0. When machining conical thread, when the coordinate of X-direction cutting start point is less than the coordinate of cutting end point, I is negative, otherwise it is positive

example: try to write the processing program of cylindrical thread shown in Figure 3.45

figure 3.44 thread cutting cycle

figure 3.45 cylindrical thread cutting cycle

Figure 3 46 conical thread cutting cycle application


G00 X35 Z scroll spring fatigue testing machine result evaluation: 104

G92 x29.2 z53 f1.5




G00 X200 z200


example: try to write the processing program of circular conical thread shown in Figure 3.46


G00 X80 Z62

G92 X49.6 Z12 I-5 F2





G00 X200 Z200


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