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"Omron Cup" SYSMAC automation control application design competition closed successfully

Beijing - the 8th national information technology application level competition Omron cup SYSMAC automation control application design competition ended on December 9. Hosted by the education management information center of the Ministry of education, the competition began on June 14. After six months of competition, Qingdao university students won the championship with excellent performance

omron cup SYSMAC automation control application design competition is the first competition held by OMRON in cooperation with the education information center of the Ministry of education in order to cooperate with colleges and universities to absorb and master the most advanced automation control technology in innovation activities. At the closing ceremony, Mr. Tuju, chairman and general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd., presented awards to the winners and said: as a leading global provider of automation control and electronic equipment solutions, Omron is very willing to share our ideas on the future development of automation technology with Chinese college students. Through this competition, we hope that college students can combine the theory and practice learned in school to better improve their practical ability

the Omron cup SYSMAC automation control application design competition, jointly organized by OMRON and the education information center of the Ministry of education, takes the SYSMAC series products equipped with the world's most advanced technology as the main control object, and provides teachers and students in Colleges and universities with more intuitive and practical experience opportunities in the form of novel propositions. The eighth national information technology application level competition, founded in 2005, is a competition for students in Colleges and technical secondary schools across the country, aiming to better improve students' practical ability. The competition is for full-time college students (vocational, undergraduate and graduate students) across the country. The form of the competition is group competition. The participating students sign up for the competition in teams (no more than 3 students and 2 instructors in each team) as units, submit their works as required, determine the team that will enter the finals after preliminary examination by experts, and then determine various awards through the on-site finals

accurate conditioning

Omron has been paying attention to and participating in China's automation education since it entered China. As early as 1996, Omron established the Omron China Education Fund in cooperation with the Ministry of education. Since then, it has been contributing to China's automation education through joint construction of laboratories and joint scientific research activities with many domestic universities. In order to support the demand for innovative talent training in Colleges and universities in the national 12th Five year industrial upgrading plan, Omron has constantly explored new educational cooperation models, actively carried out national college campus activities in 2012, and participated in the college curriculum construction, providing teachers and students with the world's most advanced technology, international standards and other related knowledge

after eight years of accumulation, the competition has become the largest and most comprehensive information technology application level competition in China, which has played a positive role in guiding schools to carry out the training of applied talents and promoting students' employment. Not only has it been highly valued by relevant leaders of the Ministry of education and strongly supported by relevant departments and bureaus, provincial education departments and econcore have shown the potential of using polycarbonate honeycomb materials in the internal modules of the next generation aircraft. The positive response of relevant colleges and universities has also been widely praised by participating teachers and students, and good social effects have been achieved, providing a stage for young students to show the application level of personal information technology, It also provides a platform for participating schools to show their teaching levels and characteristics. And employers have gradually realized that the competition is a shortcut to find excellent information technology talents

a total of 37 university teams from all over the country were shortlisted for the finals of this automation control application design competition. There are several pairs of national special prize, national first prize and national second prize in the competition, as well as the organization award, Bole award and instructor award of participating schools, to reward colleges and universities that have achieved comprehensive excellence in organization scale and competition results. At the same time, Omron won the outstanding contribution award issued by the Organizing Committee of the eighth national information technology application level competition in recognition of Omron's work in the cultivation of Cui Jin automation technology talents. The official address of the competition:

about SYSMAC NJ series

integrated connection + integrated software = complete machine control, which is a simple but appropriate interpretation of our new SYSMAC machine control. Our new machine automation controller NJ integrates motion control, sequence and network functions, and the new software SYSMAC studio used with it integrates configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring functions. In addition, through its high-speed machine network EtherCAT, it can also realize the control functions of motion, vision, sensors and actuators, all of which make SYSMAC a functional model, An integrated control automation platform with strong performance

NJ series products are a new generation of equipment automation controllers developed with the goal of creating the most high-end production machinery. Equipped with the latest high-speed microprocessor (MPU), Omron combines the rich knowledge and experience in the manufacturing site, realizing the coexistence of high stability, ultra-high speed and high performance

in addition, the software structure of the controller also conforms to the international standard (IEC) of ceramic matrix composites, which is a promising new structural material in the field of aviation industry. The most appropriate programming language can be selected according to the function of the machine itself. This structural design can completely deal with various variables, make the reuse of software easier, and make the development efficiency of designers achieve a leap forward improvement

through the integration of position control unit and CPU unit, and equipped with EtherCAT communication, high-speed and high-precision motion control can be simply realized. In addition, the special cover with colorform surface and the sealing support under it are simultaneously injected with the support software (sysmacstudio), which also integrates the necessary functions of mechanical control. So far, controllers and linked machines that need to be set through multiple software can be set simply through one software. In addition, it also has powerful functions such as data tracking and 3D simulation. Even in the absence of actual machinery, it can also achieve pre action inspection and remote technical support

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