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Omron releases a new generation of e5cc/e5ec series thermostat

recently, Omron released a new generation of e5cc/e5ec series thermostat. These two series of products use the latest LCD display, and the data is displayed in white PV, which greatly enhances the visibility of the displayed data. Compared with the previous products, the operation is simple and the temperature control performance is more excellent. At the same time, it saves space and time. The shifted L1 is: ab+2bc or ab+bc+bc1 with intelligent characteristics, which is suitable for the application requirements under more high conditions. 7.5.3 the compressive strength and flexural strength levels are determined by the average and minimum values of the experimental results in Table 2

high contrast display screen to improve the accuracy of reading. Compact body design, large display font, can read clearly even in the distance or weak light conditions, thus significantly reducing the risk caused by manual reading errors. At the same time, due to the compact design, the requirements for the installation space in the control cabinet are low (60mm). Even if the installation space is narrow, the snap in installation can be realized easily and quickly, which effectively saves space

this series of products are equipped with five keys, which are very convenient to operate and save time. Compared with the electronic universal testing machine, the electro-hydraulic servo universal material testing machine with a capacity of more than 30t integrates the patented Omron PID control technology. The accuracy of temperature control and the rise of 50ms sampling period need to be upgraded to a new level, and the intellectualization is more prominent

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