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Omron is about to appear at the 2015 Industrial Expo

Omron, a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, will appear at the industrial automation exhibition of the 17th China International Industrial Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Industrial Expo) on November. At that time, Omron will bring its leading manufacturing technology, control technology and product technology to comprehensively display a series of automation technologies, products, intelligent solutions and after-sales services that help the upgrading and transformation of the manufacturing industry. The following highlights should not be missed

point 1: the deep integration of automation technology and industrial big data requires more and more layers

under the tide of the integration of the two technologies, Omron has successfully integrated automation technology and industrial big data to improve production efficiency. The scene will simulate the actual production and provide objective evidence for the processing and application of big data, and appreciate Omron's information-based manufacturing technology

point 2: industrial robots compete together

how can industrial automation be without robots? In this exhibition, Omron will bring many leading industrial robots, including adept robot, interactive penalty robot and delta robot, which recently acquired American robot manufacturers

aspect 3: diversified control technologies and rich industry solutions

Omron's leading vibration suppression technology and other diversified control. We Jinan Shijin summarized the following points. Let's briefly understand that the technology will appear one by one. In addition, Omron will also show intelligent solutions covering electronics, automobile, food, medical treatment, packaging and other industries

press the confirm key after the change. Point 4: a variety of powerful control and automation product lines

you can also see the style of Omron's cutting-edge products at the exhibition site, including a number of new products such as the prototype nx7 of the alignment technology, which are about to appear. Please look forward to it

welcome to Omron booth a163 of the 2015 Industrial Expo to feel the charm of automation technology at a close distance

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