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Omron brings cutting-edge automation technology to the Shanghai Industrial Expo

with the continuous development of China's economy, the requirements of manufacturing industry for automated production are increasing. At the 2011 China International Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the Expo) held in Shanghai a few days ago, Omron, which masters the world's leading core technology of sensing and control, and SYSMAC automation platform, which represents the future development trend of automation technology, made a high-profile appearance to provide Chinese manufacturing industry with three in one automation solutions of operation, logic and visual control

in the current field of automation, motion and logic have developed more mature due to the residual stress logic in the polymer in manufacturing and placement as the technical principle, while the application of visual control technology has been in the bottleneck stage. Omron, with its mature and advanced face recognition technology (Okao vision) and high-performance sensors, combined with years of accumulated experience in the development of industrial automation system software, has created mature and reliable visual control technology, which has been applied to this SYSMAC automation platform to groundbreaking combine motion, logic and visual control into a unified system. SYSMAC automation platform can be widely used in automatic assembly lines in industrial production, and has been sold in the Chinese market at present

the field of industrial automation and control equipment has always been the development core of OMRON. As a pioneer in this field, Omron uses its unique sensing and control technology to continuously deliver the most cutting-edge automated production equipment to China's manufacturing industry and provide the best solution to improve the production efficiency and product quality of Chinese users. Mr. toshike goto, general manager of Omron (China) Co., Ltd., said: China is the most important overseas market in Omron's next ten-year strategy. The 12th Five year plan announced this year will accelerate China's progress from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and also provide an excellent development opportunity for Omron's rapid development in China

in line with the theme of innovation and transformation and strategic emerging industries of this ICIF, Omron also exhibited new products and services of energy visualization and environmental protection, and shared with the industry the concepts and ideas of energy conservation and emission reduction, new energy utilization and commercialization of environmental protection and energy conservation

the automation platform SYSMAC of OMRON is displayed in the industrial automation exhibition, located at b1060, hall W1; Environmental protection technology and products are exhibited at the environmental protection technology and equipment exhibition, located at No. c081, hall E5

about SYSMAC automation platform

sysmac automation platform adopts integrated connection and assured product integration software, which is composed of four parts. Among them, the NJ series of high-end machine automation controllers integrating motion control, sequence and networking functions released by OMRON in September this year, according to the data released by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association; SYSMAC studio, a new software integrating configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring functions; EtherCAT is a high-speed machine that can realize the control of motion, vision, sensors and actuators and realize the industrialization of research results; And the factory automation network ethernet/ip that can realize the local or remote control of the whole machine

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