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Omron introduces a new generation of DeviceNet safety control equipment

it needs to test the non specific extension strength Rp0.2 or the specified total extension strength RT

China Packaging compilation: DeviceNet safety controller is the first safety control equipment that can control multiple safety functions without PLC safety equipment, which can reduce the cost of integrated safety and control network. This control can work with the existing DeviceNet PLC, can also be used as a separate device, and can also be used with non DeviceNet systems to coordinate safety functions. DeviceNet security controller is based on the recently released CIP security protocol (an open protocol standard, which conforms to en class IV standard and IEC 610508 sil3 standard). It can be widely used in a variety of products, including advanced diagnostic functions and easy maintenance. 90% of the materials are made of metal

background information

devicenet has become the International Standard IEC () low voltage switchgear and control equipment controller device interface, and has also been listed as the European standard en50325. In addition, DeviceNet is actually a device standard in Asia and America, and has been supported by many manufacturers around the world. Thousands of products have been registered that conform to DeviceNet specifications, and millions of DeviceNet node devices have been actually applied. In North America and Japan, DeviceNet has the highest market share among similar products, and also shows a strong development momentum in other parts of the world

Although DeviceNet entered China relatively late, it has been highly valued by relevant domestic departments and units because of its outstanding advantages. On October 8th, 2002, DeviceNet was approved as China's national standard gb/t18858.3-2002 and was implemented on April 1st, 2003, which further promoted the promotion and application of DeviceNet Fieldbus Technology in China

devicenet is a low-cost communication bus. It connects industrial equipment (such as limit switches, photoelectric sensors, valve groups, motor starters, process sensors, bar code readers, variable frequency drives, panel displays, and operator interfaces) to the network, thereby eliminating expensive hardwiring costs. Direct interconnection improves the communication between devices, and provides a very important device level diagnostic function, which is difficult to achieve through hardwired i/o interface. DeviceNet November 29 is a simple networking solution that reduces the cost and time of wiring and installing industrial automation equipment while providing interchangeability between similar components from multiple suppliers

devicenet not only enables devices to connect and communicate with each other with a cable, but also brings device level diagnostic functions to the system. This function is difficult to realize on traditional i/o

devicenet is an open network standard. Specifications and protocols are open. Suppliers do not need to pay for hardware, software or authorization when connecting equipment to the system. Any organization or individual interested in DeviceNet technology can obtain the DeviceNet specification from the open decicenet Supplier Association (ODVA), and can join ODVA to participate in the technical working group to supplement the DeviceNet specification

information source: China packaging

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