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Omron v750 series UHF RFID reader is compatible with the secure RFID protocol

Omron recently announced that the v750 series UHF RFID reader developed by the company in cooperation with Hitachi Co., Ltd. is compatible with the secure RFID protocol. Other security functions provided by the protocol will be implemented as optional items in July, 2008

the secure RFID protocol is developed from the secure electronic tag project guided by the Japanese cabinet of economy, trade and industry (METI). The project was implemented from August 2006 to March 2007, with Hitachi as the core partner. This protocol can provide enhanced security functions, including remote communication control that can limit the reading distance of labels, and read prohibition performance that must pass password verification while maintaining compatibility with uhfrfid international standard iso/iectypec. Among them, the secure RFID protocol chip developed by Hitachi -“ μ- Chiphibiki "has been launched 4 Due to the reason of 1 above, the market

uhf band it is expected that the price of domestic minerals will not rise in a short time (860MHz to 960MHz). RFID technology realizes a longer reading distance between passive tags, and data processing is faster and more diversified than HF band systems. Highly respected by most retailers in the United States, UHF RFID system is used more and more widely, from manufacturing, distribution, logistics to stores, offices, public services and entertainment/sports facilities. However, in an open system shared by multiple companies, the unique data of a company in daily life (embedded in a label) can be easily transferred to other companies to become shared data. In fact, any company in an open system can read and change all the data on the tag, which also makes the RFID system suffer a lot of obstacles in the process of application

so far, Omron has developed a number of RFID readers, inlays and tags with smaller bubble sizes in HF and foam than those in UHF band used by electrical appliance manufacturers in the market. Omron's product design not only complies with general standards, but also easily integrates new functions and advanced technologies that are in high demand in the current market. Through the research and development of v750 readers and writers that comply with the security RFID protocol, Omron realized that protecting the company's product information is crucial for the promotion of RFID technology to the field of distribution and logistics. In Japan, feasibility studies and experiments on guaranteed RFID systems are increasingly being carried out by book and home appliance sales chains, and OMRON intends to actively participate in these studies

new functions can be added to the v750 reader writer by updating or supplementing its firmware. The secure RFID protocol will be separated from the standard functions provided by the current products, and will provide an option to add requirements. In July, 2008, the Japanese version of v750 reader writer security protocol technology will be introduced, and other versions will depend on the popularity of this protocol in other countries

xieying society Zhongdao, The general manager of Hitachi security intelligent identification solutions division expressed the following views on v750 reader writer: "Hitachi welcomes the sale of readers and writers that support the secure RFID protocol. The agreement aims to meet the needs of applying uhfic tags in the Japanese industry. It is believed that the agreement will be expanded to the global scope and become the best uhfic tag air agreement in terms of distribution and logistics. The company expects the guaranteed IC tags to be comprehensively and massively spread in the market driven by the sales of OMRON v750 readers and writers. Hitachi will also continue to work hard to promote the agreement, and Have partners to create a safer and more comfortable society

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