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Omron starts the intelligent strategy of combining robots with data to build an efficient unmanned factory. The digital information revolution has arrived, and the new generation of information technology is bringing a profound impact on the production line. All equipment, people and data in the factory will be seamlessly connected through IOT, and then use big data analysis to optimize production. This is the effect of intelligent manufacturing, and it is also the latest trend in the current industrial automation industry

at the 19th China International Industry Expo, Omron, a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, took "evolution" as the industry and passively embarked on the channel theme of tightening production capacity, displaying AI, IOT, robot intelligent production solutions and corresponding automated products. At the same time, Omron also released "i-automation!" Strategy, the so-called "i-automation!" It refers to the advanced manufacturing concept with intelligent, integrated and interactive as the core, and intelligent technology serves the manufacturing industry

what industry 4.0 mode pursues is the perfect integration of machine and data, so that intelligent machines can play a more important role in production. At this exhibition, Omron showed the solution of unmanned chemical plant with robots as the protagonist. In this scheme, mobile robots do logistics handling, multi joint robots load and unload, and parallel robots do sorting, which realizes the full automation of the production process, which not only saves the manpower of the factory, but also improves the quality through product traceability and reduces the possibility of manual errors

two years ago, Omron quickly entered the robot industry by acquiring adept and delta tau. At present, Omron has formed a series of products such as SCARA robot, six axis robot, parallel robot and mobile robot. Robot PJ promotion and management department is specially responsible for the overall planning of Omron's robot business. What are the advantages of OMRON entering the robot field as an automation enterprise? How to deploy in the face of the competition in the traditional robot industry? At this Industrial Expo, OFweek robot interviewed Ding Zhuo, director of OMRON robot PJ promotion and management department, and had an in-depth exchange on the latest technologies, trends and market strategies of the robot industry. The following is the interview process

how does the acquisition of American adept help Omron? What progress has Omron made in the robot field in the past two years

Ding Zhuo: Omron has a large team in the United States. After the acquisition of adept, the teams of the two companies merged to form a more complete and powerful robot division. In terms of products, we integrate all adept products into Omron's production line. Omron originally had mature machine automation product lines. With these mature products and Omron's rich customer resources, we can promote adept products into Omron's original customer resources and provide customers with a more complete solution

on the other hand, for customers who originally use adept products but have not used Omron products, we will also push Omron products to these adept users. Omron is a Japanese brand. For some reasons, many European and American companies have a low probability of choosing Japanese brands, but we hope that these customer resources of both sides can be shared. Omron can sell robots as well as other automation products

unmanned factory solutions based on industrial robots

at present, Omron robot products are mainly divided into two categories, one is fixed, that is, industrial robots fixed on the desktop; The other is mobile industrial robots. In terms of fixed robots, our SCARA industrial robots, parallel robots and six axis multi joint robots are the main ones. There are few six axis robots on our product line. Adept's original robot products were mainly miniaturized and fast, while six axis robots with large load were not available. Now we are still focusing on lightweight robots, which is also a strategy for our robot research and development. In terms of mobile robots, we mainly focus on LD series. This mobile robot is a real autonomous navigation vehicle (AIV), because its operation does not need magnetic stripe guidance. LD series mobile robots and SCARA industrial robots are the two most popular robots in our market at present

Omron LD series mobile robot has no magnetic stripe guidance, so how does it judge the position and direction

Ding Zhuo: we have installed laser rangefinder on LD series mobile robots. When running, the robot will scan the whole surrounding environment. Usually, we will take it for calibration before work, which is equivalent to running through the production environment. The mobile robot will carry out a modeling internally and generate a two-dimensional map, which is a little similar to the GPS on the vehicle. If I take it around in front, it will have a real map. When the robot encounters obstacles or people, it will realize autonomous obstacle avoidance and can run away by itself or choose another path

what are the main application scenarios and successful cases of OMRON fixed and mobile robots

Ding Zhuo: Omron's two types of robot products actually have something in common. Based on Omron's customer resources, including our original adept users, there is a high degree of overlap. The coincidence here refers to that the original adept robots are light-weight, and their applications are basically in the fields of 3C electronic manufacturing, auto parts and other fast grasping. Then, our mobile robots can be sold to high-end customers such as semiconductors and auto parts, because these industries have high requirements for automation

the use of robots can help manufacturers greatly improve efficiency. We have a customer in the photovoltaic industry. Their original output of the whole set of production equipment was 2600-2700 workpieces. After using Omron SCARA industrial robot, the efficiency of their production equipment increased by 30%. This is a typical case. The customer is very satisfied with this solution, which is equivalent to the price increase of his equipment by more than 30%. The use of robots not only improves the performance of the equipment, but also realizes the improvement of their own value

for mobile robots, flexibility is its biggest feature. At present, we have many mature application safety in the semiconductor industry, such as grasping and handling semiconductor wafers. Because the wafer factory requires a clean and dust-free environment, we don't want anyone to exist. For example, we use mobile robots to move four boxes on the wafer production line, which are worth millions of yuan. If there is any damage in the process of handling, the loss to customers is very large. Therefore, based on our very mature and safe robot product scheme, it has a good guarantee for the stability of the whole production, so that these customers of semiconductor wafers can realize unmanned transportation. This is the value we provide to customers

just mentioned the safety of the production line. What is the safety of OMRON robot

Ding Zhuo: in terms of safety, our mobile robots have many safety certifications, which must be considered in industrial production, and are also aspects that our competitors do not have, because we have fully considered safety factors when designing products. Omron mobile robot has made a lot of optimization in design, including the setting of braking distance. Basically, we brake at full speed with 20 cm left. This is the first safety consideration. The second is the shape design of the front end of our product. All the protective shells outside the robot are made of plastic, including the buffer mechanism we designed at the front end. Even if there is no way to avoid collision within a very short brake distance, such as shipbuilding, construction, large-diameter welding and boiler, with this buffer mechanism, we can avoid causing great damage to people or objects, In consideration of the design and production in these aspects, our products are certified in accordance with international safety standards

Omron recently set up two robot production lines in Europe. What are the reasons for this? How are the two production lines progressing at present

Ding Zhuo: since Omron acquired adept, the robot industry has developed rapidly. To sum up, there are two reasons for considering opening robot production lines in Europe. One is localization to improve delivery capacity and expand our production capacity. The second is that we hope to use our own factory to produce robots, so that we can greatly reduce costs and gain higher competitiveness in the market. At present, these two production lines can meet more than 80% of the production capacity of OMRON robot product line

Omron also acquired maxken, an American industrial bar code reader manufacturer, this year. What are the benefits to Omron? 2. The transmission part adopts arc synchronous toothed belt. What is Omron's future development goal

Ding Zhuo: our acquisition of maxken is of deep strategic significance. Omron was originally a supplier of parts for industrial automation products. Considering its long-term development, it is constantly changing, including the acquisition of delta tau from adept to maxken. These three companies are all American companies. The strategic significance behind this is to hope to develop more in the direction of industrial automation solutions. Maxken is a company specializing in QR code scanning and identification products, which can better enrich our product line, which also paves the way for providing customers with a complete set of solutions in the future

what Omron needs to do is to provide customers with complete automation solutions. In the field of industrial control, for example, Omron has formed a complete set of "ilor+s" products, where I stands for input, l for logic, O for output, R for robot, and s for safety. Our multiple mergers and acquisitions are to improve our product line. When the product line is more and more complete, it means that Omron is more and more capable of providing customers with overall automation solutions. This is the main purpose of our multiple mergers and acquisitions

most of China's robot market is occupied by four families. What outstanding advantages does Omron have as a latecomer

Ding Zhuo: first of all, Omron now has a rich product line. Just like the content displayed at this Industrial Expo, we use "i-automation" to show the products and solutions of Omron's overall strategy. We can provide customers with an overall packaging solution, which is our advantage

secondly, Omron has rich customer resources across the country, and we can quickly enter these customers, because these customers are already our customers. After adept's acquisition, we can quickly penetrate robot products into these customers

in addition, adept robot itself has some customers in China. How to make these customers use our automation products is also the direction of our efforts. As I mentioned earlier, we are always running through the overall strategy and integrating Omron products,

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