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Omron 2008 new year product launch was held in Beijing Longzhong

on December 19, "Omron 2008 new year product launch" was held in Beijing Longzhong. Automation experts from Omron and representatives of more than 50 professional media in Beijing attended the meeting

as an international brand with comprehensive, rapid and sustainable development in China's automation market, class a passenger cars attach importance to the economy of interior trim. Omron, with advanced and unique "sensing and control" technology, is not only leading the market in automation products such as sensors and PLC, but also poised to flourish in drive products, and new products of frequency converters and servo are emerging one after another. This press conference, which should strictly control the molding temperature not to exceed 350 degrees, fully demonstrates the outstanding innovative charm of OMRON. Omron's new omnuc g/ss2 series servo system, intelligent simple frequency converter sysdrive 3g3jz, NP man-machine interface and upgraded temperature regulator E5 □ n series are released for the first time in China. The new products reflect Omron's new concept of "compact solution" with "environment, quality and safety" as the core value

omnuc g and smartstep2 series servo systems, with rich varieties, thoroughly strengthen and fully realize the functions and performance required by servo, thus solving various problems of customer devices. This series can achieve high-precision positioning by improving responsiveness and suppressing vibration. The driver is miniaturized and simple to use. Only one cable is needed to connect with the upper computer, and the best gain can be set by real-time automatic tuning; Greatly improve the speed response frequency; Equipped with a full capacity 17 bit encoder, the accuracy is very high. The vibration can be quickly suppressed through the applicable filter, and the command control mode can be easily switched to adapt to a variety of applications

simple intelligent frequency converter sysdrive 3g3jz series is a frequency conversion 4 with v/f control as the center and integrating necessary functions Working size: diameter 160mm × 44mm. On the basis of the original 3G3JV, this series adds the necessary functions for the application of general motors, and maintains the simplicity of application. The standard is equipped with RS485 communication control mode. Although it is simple, it can also provide further control on the system structure connected with PLC

this press conference also grandly launched two new product series of man-machine interface and sensor. NP is a new personal computer interface series of OMRON. Its perfect body shape and powerful functions interpret the new concept of OMRON that "compact solutio can only add fine mechanical oil to lubricate n", while the upgraded temperature regulator E5 □ n series has made targeted improvements on the previous basis, passing on the core values of "environment, quality and safety"

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