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Omron is poised to drive the "Black Pearl" radiant

-- Omron 3G3MZ new generation of high-function compact frequency converters made a brilliant debut

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Omron, a famous multinational brand in the field of automation and drive, recently announced the grand launch of sysdrive 3G3MZ series high-function compact vector control frequency converters. This product is one of the latest "Black Pearl" series launched by OMRON. Its advanced vector control technology, rich high additional functions, humanized design and customized services for OEM customers have caused great repercussions in the industry

the technological upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry has provided a broader market for the frequency converter industry, especially the rapid growth in the market demand for small frequency converters, which is expected to have a market capacity of about 1.1 billion yuan in 2006. At the same time, the competition in the machinery manufacturing industry is intensifying, and users have put forward higher requirements for the function and price of frequency converters. Omron complies with the market demand and mainly develops a new generation of high-function compact 3G3MZ series frequency converters for domestic OEM customers. We look forward to a surprise to the industry! According to Meng Qiang, drive product manager of Omron Automation (China), 3G3MZ has the following unique advantages: open loop vector control, high precision and high torque! The torque response time is very short, and it has the function of automatic torque lifting at low speed; Built in EMI noise filter effectively improves system reliability! Greatly reduce noise interference and avoid electromagnetic interference to other equipment causing malfunction; The operator with knob can move freely and is easy to use! The distance can be controlled freely, saving the system design and use cost; Multiple communication functions correspond! The converter has built-in Modbus protocol and RS485 interface. PROFIBUS DP, DeviceNet and CANopen communication cards can also be selected for field bus control. At the same time, 3G3MZ has passed CE certification and belongs to the product corresponding to RoHS directive. These advantages make 3G3MZ more suitable for the specific needs of Chinese users, solve practical problems for users, and will certainly become an ideal choice for Chinese users

although 3G3MZ high-function compact frequency converter is already a masterpiece, in fact, Omron's overall advantages are more obvious, and its rich products provide overall solutions for users' drive systems. With Omron's encoder, PLC, touch screen, etc., 3G3MZ high-function compact frequency converter is even more powerful, and its application in conveyor belt, mixer and water pump is also more flexible

for example, in the application of conveyor belt, 3G3MZ's soft start/soft stop function, free speed setting and interference free mute function make the conveyor system more humanized; In the application of mixer, the torque of 3G3MZ is automatically increased, with 150% overload capacity, and the operator can move out freely, making the system configuration economical and practical; In the application of water pump, 3g3 brings three significant advantages to the car: first, MZ has built-in PID regulation, automatic energy saving function and automatic speed search function, which are all customized for fan and pump loads

3g3mz as a small frequency converter, Omron locates it as a mid-range product, which is mainly developed and designed for domestic OEM customers. Therefore, Omron will first publicize and train the series of products for existing dealers and direct sales customers, and make use of existing channels to quickly enter the market with its superior functions and competitive cost performance. Secondly, Omron will invest human and material resources in important industries such as textile packaging, promote the successful application, and improve the market share of 3G3MZ in related industries. Finally, Omron takes advantage of its advantages in the field of automation and electronic manufacturing to implement the compact solution sales plan, provide customers with products and automation system solutions, and give full play to the advantages of seamless connection and high adaptability of OMRON 3G3MZ inverter and PLC products. In addition, in order to facilitate dealers' publicity and customers' more and more convenient understanding of 3G3MZ inverter, Omron has also produced prototype demonstration boxes, large posters, leaflets, marketing manuals, model selection samples, user manuals and other promotional tools

Mr. Ji Ping Bangtai, President of Omron Automation (China) group, said that in the ten-year long-term business concept formulated by Omron, Omron has positioned China as the most important region for career development. China is the largest automation market in the world, with diverse needs and emphasis on efficiency, which provides a broad platform for Omron to promote high-end automation and drive technology and products. The launch of the new generation of 3G3MZ high-function compact frequency converter makes the products provided by OMRON for Chinese users more perfect, and is more conducive to the process of all-round melting to meet the automation needs of Chinese users to improve their own value. Moreover, with the full completion and operation of Omron (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., the global core base of OMRON in the field of industrial automation, in Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao Export Processing Zone, it marks that Omron has carried out in-depth complete business functions in China, including design, development, production, logistics and customer pre-sales and after-sales services when the customer hangs on the East workbench for downward movement, which not only enables Omron's R & D, production The service is closest to the ground for Chinese users, and on the basis of comprehensively improving production capacity, it can provide the most competitive industrial automation products for the global market

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