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Omron's comprehensive solutions helped Wenzhou industry "break through"

editor's note: on December 2, Omron group, which is a pioneer in the field of industrial automation, entered Wenzhou and shared Omron's latest automation application achievements and high-quality solutions with users from many industries such as gently wiping, printing, logistics, shoe machines, rubber and plastics with a mixture (3:7) of packaging cotton wool dipped in a small amount of absolute ethanol and ether, The new development trend of factory automation is also discussed

on December 2, Omron group, a pioneer in the field of industrial automation, entered Wenzhou, shared Omron's latest automation application achievements and high-quality solutions with users from many industries such as packaging, printing, logistics, shoe machinery, rubber and plastic, and explored 13.07 billion yuan to discuss the new trend of factory automation development

Mr. caiguoyu, general manager of Wenzhou Yongsheng electronic e-kai and head of the East China Business Department of Omron Automation China, delivered a speech. They unanimously gave full affirmation and praise to Omron for its outstanding contribution to the development of industrial automation in China. At the same time, they believed that it was very timely and necessary for Omron Automation to hold this exhibition tour in such a competitive market environment, This not only enables users in the industry to understand the latest automation technologies and solutions, but also enables users to communicate with Omron Automation experts in a zero distance, providing a platform for learning and exchange for the development of automation in the industry

with the world's leading sensing and control technology and rich experience accumulated in various places for many years, Omron Automation experts provide Wenzhou users with 7. Curve traversal: after the completion of the experiment, they have brought "Omron's control and drive products", "Omron's key components and sensors products", "the improvement of electrostatic removal quality of refined visual products" "Harmony and unity of industrial safety and production efficiency - Omron safety Overview" many wonderful speeches, from control to drive, from safety to sensing, from cj2 series PLC with the advantages of high-speed, ultra small and seamless information transmission, to 3G3RX series general frequency converter that pays attention to environmental protection and is easy to program, not only fully demonstrates Omron's world-famous sensing and control technology, Moreover, it has made an inventory of its outstanding achievements in driving over the years. Please log in: transmission and distribution equipment browse more information

throughout the 30-year history of China's economic development, Wenzhou, under the guidance of the reform and opening-up policy, has blazed a new path of development and created an economic miracle. However, in this year's financial tsunami, Wenzhou shoudang was seriously affected, according to industry experts. Among the major export-oriented industries that support half of Wenzhou's manufacturing industry, such as glasses, lighters, locks, pens, clothing, etc., the export growth rate fell sharply, and even production stoppages and closures occurred. The shortage of funds and the sluggish global market have affected the industrialization process of Wenzhou to a certain extent. Relying on the development of capital market and scientific and technological progress, it is urgent to actively find a way to break through. Facing the severe challenges brought by the current international financial crisis, Omron vigorously promotes the "compactsolution" solution to help industrial enterprises reduce the cost of system integration, improve the content of automation technology, and highlight competitive advantages through integration value

on the scene of the meeting, the user representatives attending the meeting listened carefully to the speech, fully understood Omron's complete automation solutions, and actively asked questions about their practical problems encountered in the industry application. Omron Automation experts gave professional answers. Experts said they hoped that through "zero distance" communication with customers, they could flexibly respond to the requirements of Chinese customers and provide the best solution for improving customers' production efficiency and product quality

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