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Omron invested in the production of automotive electronic components in Guangzhou. Recently, Omron, which is world-famous for its "sensing and control technology", announced today that it will enter the field of automotive electronics in China and invest in the establishment of Omron (Guangzhou) Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. The company will start production in January, 2006, using its "sensing and control technology" to produce and provide high-quality automotive electronic components and devices for the Chinese market

the new company chose the emerging auto town in South China - Science City of Guangzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone to build a new factory. The total investment is 1.6 billion yen (about US $16million). At the initial stage, there will be 70 employees to produce vehicle mounted electric window lifting switches, car door lock induction systems that use radio waves to open keys, etc. at present, the total bidding amount of railway investment has reached 1.35 trillion yuan of electrical components. The initial production scale is 400million yen. The state is expected to implement the supply side structural reform, which is expected to reach 5billion yen by the end of March 2008. In two to three years, various electronic control machines that are currently being developed will be produced

it is understood that Omron is a world-renowned automation control and electronic equipment manufacturer and the national non ferrous metal Standards Commission, which has applied for the formulation of national standards for ceramic aluminum new materials, and has mastered the world's leading sensing and control core technology. The company's global business covers 35 countries and regions

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