Chengdu government will establish enterprise call

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Chengdu government will establish "enterprise call center"

service, which is the focus of the government after "returning"; Service quality is the embodiment of the government's working level. It was learned yesterday that Chengdu will promote the establishment of "enterprise call center" to provide high-quality and efficient services for enterprises

at present, Chengdu has set up a VIP service room for key projects in Chengdu in the municipal government affairs service center. For projects listed in the annual plan of national, provincial and municipal key projects, other eligible major projects and investment and entrepreneurship projects in Chengdu, the verification and confirmation of administrative approval procedures handled by the functional departments of the municipal government free of charge include the following:. It is understood that on April 8, Chengdu will deepen its services to enterprises, especially major projects, and promote the establishment of a "Three-stage" service mechanism for key enterprises (major projects) to attract investment, promote construction, and put into production

we also learned that the Chengdu government affairs center will further improve the service system of key projects in the city, strengthen the free agency service and joint audit service throughout the whole process, track the whole process, coordinate and supervise the handling, and ensure the smooth progress of key projects. At the same time, we will innovate the way of government service, vigorously promote appointment service, delay service, agency service, door-to-door service, tracking service, joint service and demand service, and establish a government service way oriented to the public ul1005:29.2 demand by the end of 2015. Chengdu Evening News

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