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Omron sponsored Koichiro Miura to conquer Mount Everest again at the age of 75. Mrs. Miura, who tried to reach the peak with her father, was forced to return to the camp after suffering from high altitude brain swelling during the climb on May 25. On May 28, Mr. Miura returned safely and was reunited with his son who had fully recovered at that time

1. The page size is more than 50cm longer and wider than the base of the experimental machine. On May 26, 2008, 75 year old Japanese internationally renowned professional skier and adventurer yuichiro Miura and his team successfully climbed Mount Everest at 7:33 a.m. after seven hours of arduous trek. Omron participated in and sponsored Mr. Miura's challenge trip

Sanpu old man's success in climbing Mount Everest again is of great significance to him, and it is his challenge to life again. After the first trip to Mount Everest in 2003, Sanpu old man's physical condition was not very good, suffering from serious arrhythmia and atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia), and had two heart operations in December 2006 and June 2007. Therefore, in this mountaineering team, a doctor was specially arranged to speed up the development of aliphatic isocyanates and other raw materials, so as to regularly monitor his physical condition during the climb

standing on the world's highest peak, Mr. Miura was almost out of breath, But he still said excitedly, "I have reached the top of Mount Everest! Thank you all! This is really a difficult and challenging mountaineering trip, but now I am completely overwhelmed by joy and happiness. Thank God for giving me the opportunity to stand on the top of the world twice after the age of 70. The scenery at the top of the mountain is really magnificent. Standing here, I see the world and all the Himalayan giants congratulating me."

in 1970, Koichiro Miura once skiing down the mountain from 8000 meters away from the South depression of Mount Everest, and the documentary "the first person skiing down Mount Everest" won the best documentary Oscar in 1976. In 2003, at the age of 70, Koichiro Miura successfully climbed Mount Everest from the Nepalese side, becoming the oldest climber at that time. This year, he challenged Everest again. Mr. Miura had hoped to set the record of the oldest climber to conquer the world's highest peak, but he regretfully missed this opportunity because Nepal's 76 year old min Bahadur sherchan successfully climbed the summit one day before him, that is, on May 25. However, Mr. Miura will go down in history as the first person to climb Mount Everest twice at the age of 70

Mr. Miura's attempt to conquer Mount Everest is not only a personal challenge to his age, but also a common topic faced by all mankind. With the increase of altitude, the aerobic capacity of the human body (the ability to use oxygen effectively) will decline. At an altitude of more than 8000 meters, the aerobic capacity of a 75 year old person is actually only equivalent to that of a 150 year old person. Therefore, in theory, Mr. Miura needs to reverse the aging process for about 100 years in order to continue climbing at ultra-high altitudes with low oxygen concentration, low gas pressure, low temperature and strong winds

in view of this, people have carried out a scientific research called "Miura Qomolangma project". This research will provide a basic reference for human anti-aging experiments by analyzing the physiological data of Mr. Miura and his son Miura Kota (38 years old) during the climbing process. This research is particularly important for today's rapidly aging society

Omron and its subsidiary, Omron Health care company, began to provide various support for the Sanpu team three years ago. In addition to funds, Omron sphygmomanometer and ECG monitor played a key role in Mr. Sanpu's usual training and this mountaineering process. Mr. Miura and OMRON have maintained close relations since the beginning of cooperation. During the celebration of Omron's 70th anniversary, Mr. Miura delivered a speech at the technological innovation center in Osaka, Beijing. In addition, he also endorsed the commercial advertisements of Omron Health care

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