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To build the largest coating base in the west, Chengdu added new members to the top 500

to build the largest coating base in the west, Chengdu added new members to the top 500

on May 23, 2013

[China coating information] on the occasion of the upcoming Fortune Global Forum, Chengdu added new members to the club of the world's top 500 enterprises: AkzoNobel, the world's largest coating manufacturer, announced its settlement in Chengdu on May 22, Officially signed a contract with Chengdu Qionglai on the Western coating production base project. It is reported that with a total investment of 40million euros, the project will become the largest coating base in the West in the future

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the name AkzoNobel is a little strange to many ordinary consumers, but its famous brands such as Dulux, Xinjin, international and Kayi have long been known to the Chinese market. This time, AkzoNobel's western pallet device and alarm device coating production base project is located in the south of Yangheng fourth line in Yang'an Industrial Park. It is jointly invested by AkzoNobel and Swire Group. The project covers a total area of about 311 mu, with a total investment of 40million euros and a registered capital of 14million euros. The total annual production capacity of the building decoration coating production line will reach 100million liters. The project is planned to be put into operation in 2015 and fully completed and reached production in 2017

"AkzoNobel's existing production base mainly covers East China, central China and South China. The establishment of a decorative paint production base in the western region will improve the company's business layout in China, better develop emerging businesses in the Northwest market, and help achieve the company's business goal that each steel structure building in China is a" steel storage warehouse. " Lin Liangqi, President of AkzoNobel China who attended the signing ceremony on the same day, said that in the future, the company will invest in other chemical products projects in Yang'an to build the largest coating base in the West. "I choose to invest in the AkzoNobel Chengdu Project in Qionglai, hoping to contribute to the economic development of Sichuan and even the western region."

"today, the successful signing of the cooperation project marks a substantial step in the cooperation between Qionglai and AkzoNobel. This is not only another milestone in the development of Qionglai's new coating industry, but also a gift to the upcoming Fortune Global Forum." Liuxingjun said that the settlement of AkzoNobel will effectively promote the development of Qionglai fine chemical industry and the upgrading of new coating industry. Qionglai will continue to strive to create a more convenient and harmonious investment soft environment and ensure the smooth implementation of the project, Promote Qionglai industry to a new level again, and boost the overall acceleration of Qionglai "363" work plan

it is reported that AkzoNobel is another world top 500 enterprise introduced by Qionglai after Danone Group, and it is also a major project signed on the occasion of the upcoming fortune forum. Since last year, Qionglai has fully implemented the "industry multiplication" strategy of Chengdu, solidly promoted the "new industry leading strategy" and the "industry linkage rich city project", and initially formed an industrial cluster supported by three leading industries: biomedicine, high-quality Baijiu, daily-use chemical industry and new coatings; In accordance with the basic requirements of new industrialization, the two industrial parks have always focused on introducing high-end industries and high-quality enterprises at the high end of the industry, achieved preliminary results, and further highlighted their late development advantages

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