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Omron appeared in the "2008 machine tool control and safety system design Seminar"

on November 6, 2008, the 2008 machine tool control and safety system design seminar was held at the same time as the China International Industry Expo industrial automation exhibition. Omron, as the representative of the comprehensive manufacturer of automation products, brought solutions for machine safety and machine tool control respectively, and gathered with the majority of users, experts and well-known brand suppliers to discuss the application status and development trend of safety products and technologies of mechanical equipment in China

with China's attention to the safety of personnel and equipment and the gradual improvement of the requirements for the safety certification of exported machine tools, compared with traditional machine tools, more safety products and technologies are selected in the design process of new machine tools, because new energy vehicle manufacturers are still in the adjustment period. Li Yue from OMRON company brought the introduction of OMRON STI safety products and the application scheme on machine tools. As an automation brand well known to the majority of OEM mechanical equipment users, OMRON company's safety products include safety light curtain, laser scanner and other safety clips. Generally speaking, it adopts various components such as excellent medium carbon steel, alloy structural steel equipment and services. At the same time, it is used in automobile, semiconductor, electronic equipment, food processing Chemical and cosmetic industries and other fields have great strength

engineer Li Yue introduced products and technologies such as Omron safety door switch, safety sensor, area sensor, safety limit switch, safety relay, presence detection sensor, emergency stop button switch, safety application controller, DeviceNet safety system, etc. for the majority of users in detail to reduce the impact of oil temperature changes and oil pump transmission device vibration on the performance of the experimental machine. This paper mainly introduces the characteristics, usage and application of g9sx safety products in CNC machine tools. Combined with the actual example of machining machine tools, this paper analyzes the possible harm of rotating machine tools and workpieces to human body, and puts forward a series of solutions provided by OMRON company to prevent personal and equipment safety, which can effectively solve the safety problems encountered by users

through zero distance experience, Omron's new concept of "compactsolution" with "environmental protection, quality and safety" as the core value and the beneficial guarantee provided by STI safety products for equipment and personal safety, we have reason to believe that in order to give users a safer working environment, Omron will continue to innovate safety technology and provide the most satisfactory overall solution for each customer in the spirit of "making people and machinery safer"

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