Installation steps of aluminum doors and windows

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Installation steps of aluminum doors and windows

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first measure the net size of the cut of the aluminum door and window frame, and consider the seam width, determine the height and width of the proposed fan, and then draw a plane line, and try to ensure the consistency of the width when drawing the line

if the door leaf size is too large, it can be sawn first and then planed. When the door leaf is a double leaf, first make a folding high-low joint, and press the right leaf in the opening direction against the left leaf

if the size of the door leaf is too small, you can add a strip at the bottom or bind the polished wood strip with glue and nails while installing the hinge. Pay attention to smash the nail cap flat and rush into the wood strip by 1-2mm

for the fan edge that is easy to be rubbed by frame contact, it should be planed into an inclined plane of 0.5-1mm

when installing the door leaf, plug the lower edge of the leaf with a wooden wedge, check the gap, draw the position line of the hinge after it is qualified, and remove the slot to install the hinge

the distance between the installation position of hinges and hinges and the upper and lower ends of the aluminum alloy door should be 1/8 of the full height of the door leaf, which can be opened flexibly

the hardware should be installed completely, properly positioned and firmly fixed. All hardware should be screwed in and fixed with wood screws. When the door is made of hardwood, it can be drilled slightly thinner than the hole diameter of the wood screw, and the hole depth is 2/3 of the full length of the wood screw. After driving in 1/3, screw in the remaining 2/3 with a screwdriver

for the aluminum alloy door that is easy to touch the wall, it is advisable to install a door stopper

pay attention to the same opening angle of the upper and lower window sashes when installing the window hook

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