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Since the reform and opening up, the home building materials industry, including the wardrobe industry, has achieved rapid development. However, the excessive growth rate has brought about problems such as chaotic layout, backward management and lack of supporting facilities. Nowadays, these problems have become a short board that hinders the long-term operation and development of wardrobe enterprises. In this situation, the transformation from traditional "extensive" development to "refined" has become the key to the upgrading of wardrobe enterprises. From extensive to refined transformation! Whole house customized brand Deville

the future must be "refined" brand cultivation

with the acceleration of urban development, the market operation mode established solely because of the clustering effect has not kept up with the pace of the times. It is urgent to reshape the form of commercial space and enhance the development space of the industry. The home building materials market urgently needs some new operation space and mode with large scale, scientific management and unified investment attraction to drive the sustainable development of the industry

at present, household brand management such as wardrobe is still traditional "extensive", and the future is bound to be "refined" brand cultivation. As for the development trend of home building materials brands, only when the strength of enterprises is strong enough, can they develop multi brand strategies and achieve mutual coordination among multi brands. In terms of the current situation of the industry, the current wardrobe enterprise brands are mainly generic, lacking personalized brands. The experience in brand management is not yet mature, there is no segmentation of the consumer group borne by the brand, and the enterprise does not understand the market. All of them are "hard" brands for the sake of brands

"packaged customized home" will show strong consumer demand

for the direction of the future market, "packaged customized home" will show very strong demand, mainly in the customization of wardrobe and cupboard. In terms of consumption patterns and consumption patterns, the market will rely on the whole set of solutions of home decoration companies, so similar large-scale customization can achieve large-scale production, so relatively personalized is relatively easy to achieve in the current market. However, whether customized or not, wardrobe enterprises need to produce personalized customized products in the future. Now the market is mostly "miscellaneous brands", what we need is more original brands

the trend of the future home furnishing market mainly involves the development of commercial space form, operation mode, overall customization, brand effect and other directions. In view of these four directions, wardrobe enterprises need to position themselves more accurately when planning and developing in the future. On the one hand, they need to ensure product quality and innovative design, on the other hand, they also need to focus on adapting to the needs of the current market in terms of sales management and brand promotion

under the new economic normal, the development speed of the wardrobe industry is slowing down. At this time, it is a good time for enterprises to transform from traditional "extensive" development to "refined". Only by tapping and meeting the consumer demand of the market can wardrobe brands grasp the opportunities and challenges brought by the new era

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