Several difficulties in summer decoration

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In rainy season construction, many details need to be paid attention to, and the eight passes reminded below are the top priority

the first level: wood products "deformation record"

key words: moisture content

the requirements for moisture content of plates are very picky, which should not be too high or too low. Generally, 12% is the best in Xiamen. The moisture content of wood products in plum rain season is often higher than this percentage, which is easy to cause cracking and warping of wood products in dry season

expert advice: dry wood products before construction

when purchasing artificial plates, we should first choose products that are "fresh from the oven", that is, products produced in recent months. Such wood products have been dried, so they have less time to contact with moist air, and the moisture content is not high. On the contrary, when choosing wood keel materials, it is best to choose "old products", and the keel that has not been stored in the open air will have a lower moisture content. Before construction, it's best to open the wooden products and air them for a while, so that the material is close to the indoor moisture content

the second level: paint "albinism"

key words: albino water

Construction in the rainy season may cause paint whitening. Water vapor is easy to form on the wall, and it is not easy to dry paint and putty. When the putty is sprayed with paint without drying thoroughly, it is also prone to problems, such as foaming and cracking in the future

expert's advice: transfer albino water into the paint

try to avoid rainy days when painting. If you can't avoid it, you should have more ventilation. After the first painting is completely dry, brush it a second time. In addition, albino water blending agent can be added to the paint to accelerate drying. Dry the damp water vapor with a dry cloth before puttying the wall

third level: harmful substances "volatilization"

key words: ventilation

in the rainy season, due to the relatively low air pressure, many harmful substances will remain in the interior or decoration materials, which is not easy to volatilize

expert advice: maintain good indoor ventilation

in rainy days, not only the air is wet, but also the indoor air flow is relatively slow. Therefore, all doors and windows should be opened during construction to maintain good indoor ventilation. This is not only conducive to the health of construction personnel, but also conducive to the early drying of indoor walls, floors and wood

the fourth level: wire "short circuit record"

key words: wrapping wire ends

when decorating in rainy days, wires in balconies and other places are easy to be caught in the rain, which will cause problems such as line short circuit

expert's advice: wrap the exposed copper wire head to prevent short circuit

the circuit transformation now adopts the casing buried wire construction, and there is no safety problem. However, pay attention to wrap the copper wire head exposed outside the wire to prevent short circuit after the wire is damp. Special attention should be paid to the wires surrounding the damp wooden keel, large core board and other wooden products

fifth level: Wall "shell lifting record"

key words: dry through

expert tips: if it is a new wall, enter the site for construction in advance, give the new wall sufficient drying time, and do a good job in sealing the base; The wall should also be inlaid in advance, and the purpose is to make it fully dry. Before the previous layer of inlay is completely dry, it must not be approved for the second time; Suitable batch embedding materials shall be selected, and gypsum board joints shall be batch embedded with materials of the same quality; Adopt appropriate artificial methods to accelerate drying; The wall paint should be properly selected, and milk yellow and dark wall paint should be used as little as possible

the sixth level: the "warping record" of the floor

key words: moisture-proof membrane

expert tips: the cement floor laying the floor should be kept dry, and effective partition treatment methods should be adopted at the dry and wet junction. When laying the floor, a moisture-proof film should be used to isolate the moisture. After the floor is laid, air holes should be left in the concealed places if conditions permit. The laying process should be determined according to the floor species, moisture content and air humidity. The trees with poor stability need to be unpacked and balanced for up to 72 hours

seventh level: wooden door "disassembly and assembly"

key words: closed packaging

expert tips: to make the wooden door cover and wooden door installed by huangmeitian not deformed, it is necessary to dry the wood and control the moisture content of the wood. The wooden door shall be completely sealed when leaving the factory, and shall be sealed after being unpacked on site. The decorative panel should be sealed for protection or pasted after Huangmei day

eighth level: ceiling "cracking record"

key words: dislocation joints

expert tips: to prevent ceiling cracking, it is necessary to select high-quality gypsum board and try not to transport in rainy days. During the transportation, the gypsum board shall be packed completely to control the moisture content. The gap of gypsum board shall not be less than 0.5-0.8 mm, and it shall be embedded with materials of the same quality. The joint between the ceiling keel and the gypsum board shall be staggered




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