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Many door and window agents will complain in their hearts that various external factors lead to poor management of the store. However, if there are no hidden costs such as room money and salesperson's salary, can door and window agents be successful? If there are not so many competitive door and window brands, activities are no longer so frequent, and activities are not so strong, how can the shops of door and window agents continue to expand

Guanhao door and window editor analysis the existing door and window stores are either hidden in the large building materials market, or in a corner of the city street. Both of these are not particularly good store addresses for store owners. However, because doors and windows, an extraordinary commodity structure, can only be done as a last resort

then, how can we manage our own stores in such a bad environment and make them constantly add surpluses and expand

stage I: do it yourself

at the beginning of opening the store, middle and high-end door and window agents need to participate in the detailed business of the store by themselves. It is best to participate in the sale by themselves and do it yourself. At the moment, many store owners are not particularly rich in funds, and they cannot accurately control the door and window market, goods and brands, so they are relatively lack of management experience. However, when the agent directly participated in the early homework, the result was second, and the most important thing was to accumulate more handling experience

second stage: store manager responsibility system

when door and window stores gradually enter the standard, middle and high-end door and window agents should cultivate a store manager to act as the manager, so as to achieve the intention of improving the management level of the store. Here, the agent can focus on other places and gradually get away from detailed operations

of course, there are certain risks in doing so. For example, the store manager is not serious enough, the sales performance is reduced, and so on. However, only in this way can middle and high-end door and window agents open more branches and make their own industry bigger and bigger. Otherwise, we can only stay there every day. In addition, acting as a store manager and shopping guide in our store is also very bad for the improvement of employees' personal ability

three stages: Company composition

when more and more stores are opened, there must be a class of managers, such as big store managers, branch store managers, etc., to form a ladder of talents. From the beginning of the store manager responsibility system, middle and high-end door and window agents need more discussion and management tools, such as the payment form of salary, the preparation of sales skills and scripts, the daily operation process, and the estimated budget of operation and sales in the store. Form a sound supervision system and a learning team. Here, what the agent needs to do is to accept the daily homework report and make the handling more satisfactory





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