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Want to have a stage to improve the welfare mechanism and a job opportunity with broad prospects? Keyu is waiting for you, looking forward to your arrival and injecting new impetus into the development of the company

if you are passionate, efficient and eager to learn, and focus on the future

have a forward-looking, overall situation view, business view, ambition

but lack a stage with a perfect welfare mechanism

and a promising job opportunity to achieve your dream

then Keyu is waiting for you

we look forward to your arrival and inject new impetus into the development of the company

Enter Keyu

Guangdong Keyu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd, It is an enterprise directly under Hong Kong Keyu group. Originated in 1993, it has always been at the front end of the development of smart door locks. Now it has become a well-known high-tech enterprise in the industry and a smart home development enterprise of the Internet of things, and has established Keyu Internet of things Research Institute to subversively launch the shared charging smart lock mode

The production headquarters of Keyu company is located in Jiangmen City, the "first hometown of overseas Chinese" in China in the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong Province. The company integrates product development, production, sales and maintenance. Self built 36000 square meters of large-scale intelligent door lock Industrial Park, complete supporting production equipment, self built product laboratory, full set of self-produced, the scale is in the top three in the industry

Keyu smart door locks have passed UL safety performance testing and certification in the United States, CE safety certification in the European Union, China type fire protection certification, and testing certification for public security and police. Fingerprint lock products have many proprietary intellectual property rights, such as automatic focusing identification technology, patented anti cat's eye technology, patented module design and so on

after more than 20 years of innovative development, Keyu has always adhered to the high-quality route, with quality as the front and technical force as the backing, established a good reputation, established service outlets covering the whole country, and set up production branches in Portugal, Turkey and other countries, committed to providing innovative technology and product solutions for users all over the world, always providing customers with perfect, high-quality and convenient services, and thinking about customers' wishes, Do what customers need

only with enough salary can you move.

reliable benefits are more persuasive

employee benefits

national legal leave, social insurance, birthday dinner, paid annual leave, free travel, cultural and recreational activities, holiday benefits, beautiful working environment, etc

such a nice treatment must pick

contact us quickly to finalize the application time Oh

recruitment position

appearance Designer (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Carry out product appearance design according to the company process (Research - hand drawing - Modeling - rendering - ppt production)

2. Beautify products and improve product image on the basis of ensuring practicality

3. Be responsible for product color matching design and silk screen drawing production

4. Assist other departments to complete temporary work

monthly salary: 6000-8000

Product Manager (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Formulate product management system and scheme

2. Plan the product development direction and formulate the long-term competitive strategy of the product

3. Participate in the preparation of the annual marketing plan and budget of the enterprise

4. Manage the whole process of product development, pricing and listing, supervise product development and deal with product problems

5. Manage product brand and product cost

6. Be responsible for organizing the product management department to complete the functional design and implementation of enterprise products

7. Improve products or reduce costs to enhance product value

8. Accurately grasp the market, provide product definitions that meet customer needs, reasonable prices and effective market suggestions

9. Put forward constructive suggestions on the long-term development strategy of the product, so as to provide corresponding suggestions for discussing strategic decisions with the decision-making level of the enterprise

10. Assist the enterprise leadership to determine the product price, and timely put forward suggestions and plans to adjust the price according to market changes

11. Be responsible for contacting and coordinating with relevant departments (sales, manufacturing, R & D, etc.)


college degree or above, more than 2 years of relevant work experience

monthly salary: 6000-8000

purchaser (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be able to see 2D plan

2. Familiar with plastic and hardware production

3. Have quality awareness and supplier management experience

4. Have independent processing ability and communication and negotiation ability

5. Have more than 3 years of purchasing business experience and 2 years of C1 driver's license

job requirements:

male, 25-30 years old, college degree or above

monthly salary: 4000-5000

copywriter editor (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Write company product related copywriting, including public relations, speculation, brand copywriting, planning copywriting, news articles, etc

2. Promote brands and products through Baidu know, Baidu Encyclopedia, forums, blogs, microblogs, wechat groups, SNS communities, implantable marketing and other network promotion methods

3. Responsible for the preparation of the company's brand, important products/services and other contents, and the operation of websites, wechat, Weibo and other media

4. Assist in online operation, plan and guide the topic content, and constantly excavate, integrate and refine the copy content that can be disseminated and promoted to the outside world

job requirements:

male and female, 25-35 years old, college degree or above

monthly salary: 3500-4000

circuit board maintenance (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for circuit board maintenance

2. Majored in electronics, familiar with electronic circuits and maintenance of electronic and electrical products (understand oscilloscope, multimeter, electronic components, soldering iron)

3. Maintenance experience in electronic factory is preferred (fresh students and apprentices can be accepted, and they can be promoted to senior maintenance engineer after assessment)

job requirements: male, 25-35 years old

monthly salary: 4000-5000

e-commerce assistant (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Assist the supervisor to complete the daily maintenance of the platform

2. Assist in completing the department connection work (handling after-sales and ex warehouse)

3. Pay attention to the trend of the platform and report or submit activities in time

4. Sort out and summarize daily sales reports

5. Have a preliminary understanding of e-commerce, and have been engaged in relevant occupations is preferred

6. Proficient in office software

7. Have good Mandarin and strong communication skills

job requirements:

male and female, 25-35 years old, technical secondary school or above

monthly salary: 3000-4000

e-commerce customer service (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be familiar with online communication tools of shopping websites such as Taobao tmall, be familiar with online transaction processes, and type at a speed of more than 60 words/minute

2. Good communication skills, honest, careful, patient, able to answer questions without bothering, good at guiding customers to place orders

3. Be enthusiastic about work, have a strong sense of responsibility, work steadily, have team spirit, bear hardships and stand hard work, and have strong endurance

4. Working hours during the probation period: 8:30-12:30, 13:30-17:30 (rest on Sunday), working hours after becoming a regular: 16:00-23:00 p.m. (4 monthly holidays)

job requirements:

men and women are unlimited, with more than one year of customer service experience

monthly salary: 3000 + commission

Customer Service Merchandising (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Familiarity with Kingdee, K3 system and UFIDA is preferred

2. Proficient in office software

3. Cheerful personality, serious and responsible work, good stability

4. Follow up the orders of salespersons, make contracts, arrange orders, and track production progress and delivery

5. Working hours: 8:30-12:30 13:30-17:30

job requirements:

female, age 22-35, high school degree or above, more than 1 year of relevant experience

monthly salary: more than 4000

machining (2 people)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be familiar with the operation of ordinary drilling machines and grinders, and the processing of hardware accessories

2. One year of machining experience is preferred (for fresh graduates majoring in corresponding majors)

job requirements:

male, aged 25-35, with a high school degree or above

monthly salary: 3000-3500

quality control tester (2)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Be responsible for the implementation and follow-up of the overall performance of the product and the performance test of product accessories

2. Be responsible for the handling and feedback of product performance test problems

3. Be able to design and manufacture electric dynamic test fixture

4. Working hours: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00 (rest on Sunday)

monthly salary: 3000-3500

incoming inspector (2)

Job Responsibilities:

1. Technical secondary school degree or above, familiar with the use of caliper and other measuring tools, able to read mechanical drawings, and working experience in hardware industry is preferred

2. Be responsible for raw material testing

3. More than two years of working experience in hardware incoming inspection is preferred

job requirements:

male, aged 25-30

monthly salary: 3000-3500

Electronic Development Engineer (1 person)

Job Responsibilities:

1, skilled in 51/stm single chip microcomputer and STM32 single chip microcomputer, with experience in independently writing control software

2. Master the software design of line circuit board, design schematic diagram and PCB drawing ability

3. Have a solid theoretical foundation in electronics (digital and analog); Strong practical ability

4. Good teamwork spirit and sense of responsibility, strong logical thinking, careful and innovative ability

5, more than two years of working experience

monthly salary: Negotiable

contact information

contact person: manager Zhao

contact information: 0750-3862230/13686940492

address: Xinsha Industrial Park, Limu Road, Jianghai District, Jiangmen City





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