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Many people like to decorate their home walls with wallpaper. PVC is a high polymer, and the wallpaper used to decorate the wall made of this material is PVC wallpaper. PVC wallpaper is the best selling wallpaper in the market today. There are many kinds and brands. How should we distinguish them? How about the quality of PVC wallpaper? Is it environmentally friendly? Now I will briefly introduce what is PVC wallpaper, is PVC wallpaper environmentally friendly, and other related knowledge. I hope it will be helpful for your purchase

wallpaper has been more and more widely used in home wall decoration. At present, there are many kinds of wallpaper, PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper are one of them. What is the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper? PVC wallpapers and pure wallpapers are two kinds of wallpapers with different materials, and there are many differences, so we should distinguish them when choosing. If you are still confused about this, don't worry. Next, I will explain the relevant knowledge of the difference between PVC wallpapers and pure wallpapers in detail, hoping to help friends with this need

what is PVC wallpaper

I believe many friends know that PVC is a chemical material. Its full name is PVC, that is, plastic. Then PVC wallpaper is made by embossing with this chemical. It is mainly divided into plastic wallpaper and foam wall

pvc wallpaper environmental protection?

first of all, this kind of wallpaper, commonly known as PVC, is not harmful to human body. As long as it meets a certain standard, it has little impact on human body. However, some low-quality PVC is mixed with some relatively stupid, formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, which is harmful to human body. Therefore, when we choose wallpaper, we must not only aim at low prices, but also check whether it has passed the quality inspection and certification, and remind everyone not to lose big things for small things

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure wallpaper

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure Wallpaper: 1. The production materials are different

PVC wallpaper is covered with a layer of PVC film on the bottom layer of pure paper, which is made through compounding, embossing, printing and other processes. The wallpaper has exquisite printing, good embossing texture, good water and moisture resistance, durable and easy maintenance. Pure wallpaper is a kind of wallpaper made entirely of pulp. This kind of wallpaper has good air permeability and water absorption due to the use of pure natural pulp fiber

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure Wallpaper: 2. Taste

although PVC wallpaper is also a relatively environmentally friendly wallpaper, it is essentially a kind of plastic wallpaper. Open the samples of wallpaper, especially the new samples, and smell the smell closely. The pure natural wallpaper emits a faint wood fragrance, and there is almost no smell. If there is a smell, it is definitely not pure natural wallpaper, and PVC wallpaper can smell a smell

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure Wallpaper: 3. Color

from the perspective of color, the color pattern of pure wallpaper is more realistic, while the design and color of PVC wallpaper are not as realistic as that of pure wallpaper after a series of processes such as compounding

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure Wallpaper: 4. Hand feeling

in hand feeling, PVC wallpaper has an additional layer of PVC film, which is harder than pure wallpaper, and is not as soft as pure wallpaper

the difference between PVC wallpaper and pure Wallpaper: 5. Thickness

PVC wallpaper is made by adding PVC film on the pure wallpaper. In terms of thickness, it must be thicker than pure wallpaper

pvc wallpaper is different from pure Wallpaper: 6. Fire

take a small piece of wallpaper and burn it with fire. When the pure natural wallpaper burns, there is no black smoke, you can smell the smell of wood, and the dust after burning is also white; If you smell the odor of plastic and smoke, and the gray is black, it may be PVC wallpaper. The burning of PVC wallpaper, black smoke, glue smell, ash is also black, hard. At the burning site of the pure paper wallpaper, wisps of smoke, only the normal smell of burning paper, no smell of glue, and the ash is white ash, which is scattered as soon as it is blown, just like the ashes of cigarettes

pvc wallpaper is different from pure Wallpaper: 7. Water permeability

drop a few drops of water on the back of the wallpaper to see if there is water passing through the paper. If you can't see it, it means that this wallpaper doesn't have air permeability and is by no means a pure natural wallpaper. Take a piece of pure paper wallpaper and pour a little water on the back. After about 15 minutes, the water will invade the front of the wallpaper. Remove the wallpaper and you can see that the water has penetrated into the desktop

pvc wallpaper is different from pure Wallpaper: 8. Blister

soak a small part of the wallpaper in water, and then scrape the surface and back of the wallpaper with your fingers to see if it fades or bubbles. The real pure natural wallpaper is particularly strong, and because its dye is a pure natural ingredient extracted from flowers and flax, it will not be decolorized because of blisters. Now most of the wallpapers sold in the market are PVC wallpapers. Consumers should be careful to identify them and not be cheated by unscrupulous merchants

editor's summary: the above is the difference between PVC wallpapers and pure wallpapers. How to choose the most critical knowledge about wallpapers is introduced. I hope it can help friends who need this! If you need more relevant information, please continue to follow our website, and more wonderful content will be presented in the future. You can also go to Qijia mall to buy your favorite products




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