The best way to prevent the wrinkle of gravure fil

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Tips for preventing the wrinkle of gravure film in printing

1. First, check whether the shaking of the main rod of the printing plate during high-speed rotation is greater than 0.1mm ~ 1mm, whether the door plugs are all weighed, whether the door plugs are on the central axis during plate loading, and whether the shaking range is also between 1mm ~ 1.2mm. If the shaking is too large, the printing roller plate is uneven. One side is tight and the other side is loose, thus wrinkling the side. Treatment method; Reduce the error shaking rate of the master stick of the printing plate to the minimum or place the door stopper stably to reduce the shaking of the printing plate

2. When printing the embossed version of the leather stick, one side is high and the other side is low. Adjust the low direction and slowly press down until both sides of the film are flat

3. The aluminum roller of the printing film into the printing plate or out of the printing plate after printing is uneven. Adjust the aluminum roller water 4. The temperature and humidity of the laboratory must be controlled within a certain range

4. When the printing film is printed at high speed, the ink is stuck on both sides of the printing roller, or the printing roller is uneven. Treatment methods:

① remove the ink stuck on both sides of the printing roller and replace the printing roller

② remove the ink stuck on both sides of the printing roller, and the printing roller can display a variety of experimental curves: experimental force time, experimental force displacement, displacement time, etc. are moved to the right to 1mm ~ 3mm away from the film, and the empty part is printed continuously. Press the uneven printing roller with the thickness of 2016 or minus the thickness of the printing roller until each experimental machine is equipped with its own manual which is smooth, tough and elastic

5. The thickness of the edge of the printing film is uneven. Too much unwinding tension of the printing film causes jumping. Too little tension during rewinding causes uneven stress in and out. Treatment method: change the membrane, measure the membrane, reduce the tension control, and calculate the specific gravity according to the formula to make the force average

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