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Explain the ingenious ways of ball mill maintenance

ball mill maintenance has always been one of the headache problems for the majority of customers in the use process. How to effectively solve the problems of ball mill in the use process, reduce the losses caused by downtime and increase the use efficiency is an urgent concern for the majority of customers. In the long-term production practice of ball mill, bailing machine has accumulated rich experience in ball mill maintenance, and is committed to solving the problems encountered by customers when using ball mill

1. The machining surfaces on the two bearing pedestals are on the same horizontal plane, the allowable center distance is 1mm, the non parallelism deviation of the longitudinal center line is 0.5mm, and the deviation of the horizontal center line is 0.5mm per meter

2. The spherical contact surface of the bearing seat shall have uniform joint angle; No less than 1 2

point in every 50 x 50mm2; The contact surface between the hollow shaft and the Bush shall be 90100 at least 2 points per square inch. The specific gravity of nickel and the use side clearance of cobalt are approximately the same for both the journal and the bearing

3. The mating surface of the ball mill barrel flange and the front end cover shall be in good contact, and no gasket is allowed. The allowable deviation of different axial degrees of the two hollow shafts shall be less than 0.8mm. When connecting, assembling and calibrating the big gear ring and the cylinder end cover, the thrust shall be firm and the locating pin shall be installed. The radial swing of the gear ring shall not be greater than 0.5mm and the axial swing shall not be greater than 0.84mm

4. When installing the ball mill lining plate, the end cover shall be installed first. The cylinder lining plate shall start from the population and be installed according to the assembly requirements. All screws shall be tightened evenly without water leakage. The rubber lining plate shall be fitted without gaps, and the gaps shall be blocked with sponges

5. The center line of the pinion shall be parallel to the center line of the big gear, and the deviation per meter shall not be greater than 0 And it adopts our impact testing machine 2, which is one of the main ways to process Plastics in the world mm. The tooth top clearance is 1/4 modulus, the tooth side clearance is 1.06---1.8mm, the tooth surface contact area of the ball mill is not less than 50% of the tooth length, and the tooth height is 40%

6. The transmission coupling of the reducer, motor and transmission shaft shall maintain high coaxiality, the different axial degrees of the center line shall not be greater than 0.3mm, and the inclination of the center line shall be less than 1/1000

the maintenance of the ball mill requires professional personnel to operate. Therefore, it is urgent for the ball mill users to provide special training for the ball mill operators in the specific production practice. In the process of selling ball mill products, bailing machine not only provides complete ball mill, but also provides free installation, training and other services

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