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On December 29, 2011, Shijiazhuang science and technology research and development plan project - new technology of continuous regeneration and reduction of waste rubber at normal temperature and pressure, which passed the expert group evaluation, requires operators to carefully remove dust and clean the equipment. Experts said that this technology has changed the history that the production of reclaimed rubber is inseparable from the desulfurization tank, and changed the intermittent process to the continuous process production, which has significant social, environmental and economic benefits, and it is recommended to promote it in the industry as soon as possible

this project is jointly undertaken by Hebei Ruiwei Technology Co., Ltd. and Hebei University of science and technology to complete the above functions. The expert group agreed that this technology broke through the regeneration process temperature (higher than 200 ℃) of the dynamic desulfurization tank process and the atmospheric pressure plasticization method for the first time. The whole process used machines instead of tanks, realized the work under atmospheric pressure and lower than 100 ℃, and the scientific research achievements reached the international advanced level

the new technology adopts the reduction agent and twin-screw solid-phase shear method developed by Ruiwei company to depolymerize and reduce various waste rubber. By adjusting the arrangement and combination of twin-screw extrusion and cooling system, the waste rubber is recycled, which is the highest record in the history of more than 150000 sets in 2008. The whole process has low energy consumption and no waste gas and wastewater discharge. At present, the technology can be successfully used to regenerate waste tires, rubber shoe scraps, special synthetic rubber waste rubber and scorched rubber compound of rubber compound. It is reported that this technology has been authorized by the national invention patent at the end of October last year

according to Ma Ruigang, general manager of Ruiwei technology company, Ruiwei company began to study this technology in January 2010. After two years, it completed the research and development of rubber special additives, the design of screws and barrels, and the design of new process of arrangement and combination, and completed small-scale and pilot tests. During the research and development period, the technology has been tried by Ruian Zhongyi rubber products, Qingdao Likang rubber, Chengzhan (Qingyuan) shoes and other companies, which can replace 30% of natural rubber and reduce the cost by about 8%. Through the inspection of Tianjin Quality Supervision and inspection station, all indicators of the company's recycled rubber products meet the national standards

it is understood that at present, domestic rubber regeneration mostly adopts dynamic desulfurization process, that is, waste rubber, water, activator and coal tar are discharged under the pressure of 210~250 ℃ in high-pressure vessel tank for 70~150 minutes, and then kneaded and refined. At the same time, the exhaust gas mixed with coal tar and organic small molecules is discharged, which pollutes the environment

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