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Reconstruction and expansion of carton and color printing production line project

I. Introduction to investment projects

(I) reasons for project establishment: at present, Yanbian Prefecture and even Jilin Province have many medium and low-grade packaging products in paper packaging products, and the vast majority of high-grade paper packaging products are purchased from nanfangcheng city outside Zhejiang Province. According to the survey, the annual demand for high-grade printing paper products in Yanbian Prefecture exceeds 100million yuan. This project plans to build a high-grade carton and color printing production line, It has broad market prospects

(II) product market: domestic

(III) project content: the annual output of corrugated boxes is 24million square meters, color printing products are 72million printing times, and the construction area is 8960 square meters

(IV) cooperation mode: joint venture, cooperation at the policy level,

(V) total investment: 75.23 million yuan

(VI) benefit forecast: annual sales revenue of 120.24 million yuan, profit of 26.22 million yuan, tax of 24.15 million yuan, investment payback period of 2 years

(VII) construction location: No. 297 Ming'an street, Mingyue Town, Antu County, Jilin Province

(VIII) project progress: project proposal has been prepared, application for project establishment

(I) Enterprise Name: Jilin Antu Chengyuan Packaging Co., Ltd.

(II) enterprise nature: private enterprise

(III) fixed assets: 3million yuan

(IV) plant area: covering an area of 16000 square meters

(V) number of employees: there are more than 80 employees, including 15 professional and technical personnel

(VI) main products: medium and low-grade cartons, cartons Color printing packaging

(VII) contact method:

contact person: jiangguirong

telephone according to the degree of automation:

postal code: 133600

(information source: the window of business in Antu County, Jilin Province, the window of local business)

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