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Reconstituted milk will be clearly marked, and the nutritional composition is different from fresh milk

recently, it was learned from the Municipal Bureau of quality supervision that from now on, if reconstituted milk is used in the milk production process, it must be clearly marked on the package. At the same time, our city will inspect all liquid milk production enterprises in the city from now on

reconstituted milk, commonly known as "reconstituted milk", refers to milk "blended" with milk powder. In terms of nutritional value, reconstituted milk is far inferior to fresh milk. It is understood that recently, in order to facilitate production, some enterprises have used reconstituted milk to produce and process liquid milk, and even misled consumption on product labels, affecting the healthy development of the dairy industry

it is reported that from now on, whoever uses reconstituted milk in the production and processing of sterilized milk, yogurt and other products, regardless of the quantity, the production enterprise must use Chinese characters that are not less than the name of the product and the height of the characters is not less than one-fifth of the height of the main display surface on the main display surface of its product packaging to prominently mark "reconstituted milk", And truthfully mark the proportion of reconstituted milk in raw materials in the product ingredient table

our city will implement the production filing system for liquid milk production enterprises: production and processing enterprises that continuously indentation and always use reconstituted milk in the center without any difference in the process of liquid milk production and processing must truthfully report to the municipal quality and technical supervision department for filing under different working conditions before the product is officially put into production. Without filing, no production license will be issued; Those who have obtained the production license shall go to the Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision to go through the filing procedures immediately. All liquid milk production enterprises must improve the liquid milk standard and organize production in strict accordance with the standard with a minimum space of 600mm. Qi Baolei correspondent Liu Ying


reconstituted milk is a lotion made of concentrated milk (condensed milk) or milk powder and added with an appropriate amount of water, which is equivalent to the proportion of water and solids in raw milk. The ingredients of pure milk are mainly fresh milk. 100% pure milk is generally not too sticky, and there will be no special aroma or milk taste when opening the package, while the reconstituted milk is relatively thick and tastes thick. In addition, fresh milk is afraid of heat. If it is processed and bought with high-quality equipment at a relatively low price, it is the most correct choice. If the temperature exceeds 85 ℃, its nutrients will be greatly damaged, and the reconstituted milk will undergo two high-temperature sterilization processes, and its nutritional value will inevitably be reduced

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