The hottest recent quotation of plastic additives

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Recently, the quotation of plastic additives in Beijing

decabromodiphenyl ether dr-83r Great Lakes 24500

tetrabromobisphenol A ba-59p Great Lakes 27000

antimony trioxide zero grade tin mine 26000

styrene bromide 64hw Great Lakes 65000

tetrabromophthalic anhydride bht4 Great Lakes 38000

antioxidant 10 makes the wind in the studio unable to circulate fully. 10 the graphene based heavy-duty anti-corrosion coating of Ningbo Institute of materials began large-scale demonstration application American Great Lakes 50000

antioxidant 168 American Great Lakes 42000

antioxidant DLTP American Great Lakes 48000

antioxidant 330 American Great Lakes 160000

UV absorber uv531 American Great Lakes 100000

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