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Shanghai Petrochemical Ethylene Production Record

Shanghai Petrochemical Ethylene Production Record

December 19, 2001 reading volume: 2. The sample should be twisted on the bent core source: unknown | submission

is to use the electronic measurement system to convert the deformation of force into electrical signals

since this year, two sets of ethylene plants of Shanghai Petrochemical Corporation have continued to maintain high load and stable operation. In the first 10

months, a total of 525800 tons of ethylene have been produced, It exceeded the plan by 5.82 percentage points, a record high. As an old plant that has been put into operation for more than 20 years, as of October this year, No. 1 ethylene plant has experienced no unplanned shutdown for 34 consecutive months; Since the beginning of this year, the No.2 ethylene plant has maintained the record of zero utilization ratio of cracking raw coal and diesel oil, which not only reduces the production cost of

, but also FM - the total average friction force during the experiment increases the ethylene output

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