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Recipe printing is not unique to China, but it plays a more important role in Chinese catering compared with foreign countries

recipe printing is not unique to China, but it plays a more important role in Chinese catering compared with foreign countries. All the details contained in a Chinese dish are impossible for westerners to understand and decipher. Cooking alone is enough to make their heads grow. Through recipe printing, they continue to work together with customers. After seeing the pictures and ingredients, they can have a more intuitive understanding of the terms dry stir fry, raw explosion, steamed, braised, stewed, fried, fried, stewed, marinated, pickled and simmered, so as to have a deeper understanding of Chinese catering

as for the major cuisines of Chinese cuisine, the formation of their styles and styles has gone through a long process of fermentation and evolution, and is closely related to local folk customs, climate and geography. Besides promoting dishes and making diners have an appetite, the more important purpose of recipe printing is to carry forward Chinese catering culture

of course, there is another function of recipe printing, which is guidance and teaching. Through the introduction of pictures, blood samples, and ingredients, I can figure out myself. This combination is not mechanical, in which all kinds of raw materials should be used at a relatively uniform speed (about 1 time/s). The specific gravity, the required heat and the required shaking times are indescribable, and everything is penetrated by your own feelings. Perhaps Westerners would rather believe the earnest instructions on the printed recipes than their own feelings. This is the purpose of recipe printing, and it is also the way of publicity and communication required by the illustrated recipe

in a word, in today's world where everything depends on culture, if the catering industry wants to make a big development and breakthrough, it really needs to give a good name to the new dish. Even if this dish is not really delicious, at least it feels refreshing in hearing, and the diners who pay will be more generous. And how to achieve these demands, the answer is, of course, to print recipes, so that this can arouse the appetite of diners and restart the experimental brochure to play its real value

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