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2018 mainstream computer game console configuration recommendations

here is a set of recommended configuration scheme for gtx1050ti game console with I configuration of about 4500 yuan. The main purpose of this configuration is, of course, to play all kinds of 3D large-scale network games, including eating chicken with medium and special effects. The specific computer configuration is as follows

note: due to the large daily fluctuation of DIY hardware price, please calculate according to the price of the day. The above quotation of assembled computer configuration is only for reference

in terms of processors, the recommended I is the latest eight generation core i5 processor released by Intel this month, and it is also one of the products that many users are looking forward to. This processor is based on coffee Lake architecture, with a native 6-core 6-thread design, and a 9m Level 3 cache. The basic default dominant frequency is 3.1ghz, and the maximum Rui frequency size is 4.1ghz. It has a built-in UHD 630 core graphics card, which has a 35% - 40% performance improvement over the seventh generation I. It is worth mentioning that I is new to the market, so the boxed price is more expensive, and it is also a good choice for loose pieces. The CPU radiator adopts the scythe red rabbit horse stb120 CPU radiator with high cost performance

for the mainstream core I processor platform, we naturally consider the mainstream b360 platform, while the previous z370 has no need to enhance its ability to deal with trade concern. Because we know that this processor does not support overclocking, we do not recommend starting with a high-end z370 motherboard that supports overclocking. It is worth mentioning that the motherboard brand has little impact on the game performance of the whole machine, so the second-line brand Huaqing b360m-hdv motherboard with the main cost performance is selected in the configuration

in terms of motherboard, the recommended motherboard is the second-line brand Huaqing b360m-hdv motherboard. This motherboard has built-in m.2 slots, equipped with four USB 3.1 Gen2 interfaces, built-in Intel network chip, supports Intel flash technology, supports hevc 10bit video, supports three screens, and uses Elna high-quality sound capacitors. In general, it is a motherboard with relatively good cost performance, which is worth starting

Yingchi GTX 1050ti general adopts a new Pascal architecture GP core, with a basic frequency of 1354mhz, an enhanced frequency of 1468mhz, 768 CUDA core stream processors, 4GB video memory capacity, a bit width of 128bit, and a video memory frequency of 7GHz. Its performance can fully meet most 3D Networks on the market

for a mainstream game computer configuration, it has been repeatedly emphasized that only 8GB of memory is enough, which is enough to meet the needs of most daily operations and games. In the configuration, Zhongzhuang machine home selects a single memory module of Shiquan Vulcan series DDR4 2400 8g red memory, which is fully sufficient to meet the popular requirements. However, due to the fact that lignin and synthetic rubber containing acrylonitrile and butene (called nitrile rubber) have chemical groups with uneven distribution of electrons, it is more than enough. There is also a spare memory socket on the motherboard, which can also be upgraded as needed in the later stage

although the speed of solid-state drives is fast, because large capacity solid-state drives are more expensive, many installed users will choose some small capacity solid-state drives first. SSD has always been a disadvantage in capacity, and it cannot surpass mechanical hard disks in the short term. With the continuous price reduction of solid-state drives, the advantages of high-capacity solid-state drives are highlighted. For the a850 320G solid-state drive recommended in the configuration, this SSD has a large capacity of 320G, which is enough for the vast majority of users, and the price is only 359 yuan. Last year, you may only buy one with a capacity of 120g

in terms of chassis, this recommended installation home recommends the maintenance skill box of Xingu Guangyun 7plus universal material testing machine from a well-known brand, with side transparent design, which can support ATX large board and 240 cold ranking. In terms of power supply, it is recommended that Hangjia jumper400 power supply with very high sales volume, with a rated power of 400W, can completely suppress the power consumption of the eighth generation i5 and gtx1050ti graphics cards, and there is no pressure to upgrade gtx1060

this set of i-equipped gtx1050ti is a mainstream game console with a budget of only about 4500 yuan. The performance of the whole machine is more than enough to cope with most 3D online games on the market. Of course, it is also a good choice to deal with eating chicken. It is worth mentioning that if you want to improve the cost performance, it is recommended to choose I. The main frequency difference is only 0.1ghz, and the price is much cheaper

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