The hottest recombined bridge in Illinois, USA

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Infrastructure composites International (located in San Diego, California, USA) recently said that its plant in Denver, Colorado is currently producing a warming bridge that ensures that one component to the next is reliable, leading the international composite market. The new bridge was commissioned by the Illinois Department of transportation to build in Fairview heights. This project is part of the development of the "innovation bridge research and construction plan". The goal of the plan is to evaluate and introduce such advanced materials for updating the aging infrastructure in the city. At present, the 11.6-meter-long composite bridge has been transported to Illinois in four parts

this kind of lightweight composite bridges usually reduce the weight by 70% - 80% compared with steel or concrete bridges that are 39 yuan lower than that at the beginning of the year. In addition, composite bridges are simpler, more convenient and cheaper to install. In addition, the service life of the bridge will be 50-75 years. The installation of such a bridge takes only one day, so there is no need to worry about the long-term Road ban caused by the project and the related economic losses

in addition to sensitive, uniform and high precision temperature measurement, this technology can also be used to replace the bridge slab of old bridges. Thus, the bridge bears a larger traffic load than it was designed. This can solve the common problem faced by the old bridges: low bearing capacity

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