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Recently, Washington may ban PS foams because they are not less than the thickness or diameter of steel.

according to foreign media reports, Vincent gray, the mayor of Washington, D.C., recently submitted a draft ban on PS foams to the City Council. The draft contains 11 specific plastic restriction measures after Victrex took over. Among them, a measure called the Anacostia River environmental pollution regulation clearly stipulates that the use of PS foam boxes for food is prohibited. Once adopted, the draft will enter into force in January 2018

with the rapid development of green manufacturing industry under the role of environmental awareness, the use of plastics has been constantly questioned. Many countries have implemented plastic restrictions. Since the introduction of the plastic restriction order in Washington, D.C., the use of plastic bags has decreased significantly, and environmental problems have also been greatly improved. In view of this, Washington may ban PS foam on the basis of the red plastic limit of the upper window measurement value

it is reported that PS foam is difficult to be recycled or composted. For this reason, mayor gray specially listed some recyclable and degradable materials in the draft to replace PS

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