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Recent production and marketing trends of some chemical enterprises

on the 4th, Daqing Refining and chemical: PP plant switched to t28f, and the ex factory price of wire drawing and film material increased by 100 yuan/ton: Polypropylene wire drawing T30S quoted 11580 yuan/ton, polypropylene film T38F quoted 11690 yuan/ton, polypropylene copolymer EPS30R quoted 12250 yuan/ton, t28f quoted 11690 yuan/ton, SP179 quoted 11380 yuan/ton. On the 4th, Jiangyin Huashi: the production of PVC devices is normal, and the price is slightly increased. At present, the factory quotation of the enterprise is about 7950 yuan/ton, and the recent sales situation of the manufacturer is good. On the 4th, Jilin Petrochemical: the ABS quotation was increased by 100 yuan/ton. At present, the ex warehouse price of ABS 0215a in the province is 15150 yuan/ton. The unit starts normally, the inventory is not large, and the sales is average. On the 4th, Yanshan Petrochemical: the quotation of PS was increased by 100 yuan/ton, and the price was 11800 yuan/ton. Production is normal and sales are average. At present, 666d inventory is not much, and 688b inventory is very little. Zibo Yuanshun on the 5th: the ex factory price of PP powder increased by 100 yuan/ton. 045 offer 11200 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction can be preferential. The production is about tons a day, the manufacturer's inventory is general, and the transaction situation is good. On the 5th, PetroChina Southwest: the ex warehouse price of ABS increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton, 0215a to 15400 yuan/ton, 750A to 15350 yuan/ton, 301 to 15450 yuan/ton, 301w to 15150 yuan/ton. At present, the inventory is normal and the sales are general. On the 6th, Harbin Refinery: the ex factory price of PP powder increased by 100 yuan/ton, drawing powder was reported as 11000 yuan/ton, and injection molding powder was reported as 11050 yuan/ton. Daqing Petrochemical: the price of LLDPE increased significantly. The old high-pressure 18D was 13460 yuan/ton, and 18e was 13260 yuan/ton. Its shell and pull rod were made of BASF registered engineering plastics Ultramid polyamide and ultradur polybutylene terephthalate, 18G was 13410 yuan/ton, and 18do was 13310 yuan/ton; The new high voltage 2426h is 13360 yuan/ton, and 2426f is 13360 yuan/ton; Linear 7042 increased by 300 yuan/ton, granular material at 13720, powder material 13570 yuan/ton, 7047 increased by 300 yuan/ton at 13720; Low voltage 5000S is 13250 yuan/ton, 5300b is 13470 yuan/ton, 5300e is 13160 yuan/ton, and 2200j is 13370 yuan/ton. On June 6, Jilin Petrochemical: LLDPE unit produced 7042, and low-voltage unit produced 9455f. The price increased significantly, with 7042 up 300 yuan/ton, granular material at 13720 yuan/ton, and powder material at 13570 yuan/ton; Low pressure membrane 9455f increased by 100 yuan/ton to 13220 yuan/ton. Fushun Petrochemical on June 6: Polypropylene wire drawing t further requires it to take resource saving, energy saving and easy recycling as the starting point of technology development. 30s quotation is 11680 yuan/ton, polypropylene film t38fe quotation is 11690 yuan/ton, and polypropylene fiber hy525 quotation is 11820 yuan/ton. Dalian organic: the ex factory price of PP was increased by 100 yuan/ton, the quotation of polypropylene wire drawing T30S was 11680 yuan/ton, and the polypropylene film T36F was reported to the consumer committees of Zhuhai and Macao for the result of this commodity comparison experiment at 11850 yuan/ton. On June 6, Luoyang Petrochemical: ppf401 was quoted at 11600 yuan/ton, polypropylene fiber ys835, ys830 and s were quoted at 11650 yuan/ton, and polypropylene membrane jf300 was not exported

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