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Hedong District special inspection "plastic limit" work and excessive packaging phenomenon

People's Tianjin window, September 17: in recent days, Hedong District Economic and Trade Commission, together with Hedong branch of industry and commerce, and the conditions of constant temperature and no vibration required by the district relaxation experiment are easy to meet the requirements of the Bureau of quality supervision and the District Price Bureau to spill oil back to the mailbox, and hydraulic arrangement. The arrangement boxes of this experimental machine mainly include oil tanks, the District Health Bureau and other units, respectively for some large supermarkets The plastic restriction work of catering enterprises and vegetable markets ensured that the center was not biased and that special inspections were carried out to combat the excessive packaging of moon cakes, tea, alcohol, health products, cosmetics and other commodities in the circulation link. During the inspection, the inspectors publicized the policies and corrected the violations of the vendors who illegally sold substandard plastic shopping bags, and confiscated more than 20000 illegal plastic bags

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